Monday, 8 January 2018

Brew & Brownies York Review|| Lifestyle

I bloody love a good visit to York, especially during the festive period so my boyfriend and I decided to do a spot of shopping in the city once loved by the Vikings a couple of weeks before Christmas. We did a lot of damage in the shopping area but we also decided to feed our little tummies so brunch from a little cafe called Brew & Brownie. Like most people my food recommendations often come from places that are 100% instgramable and this place is exactly that.
Hidden away from the main streets of shopping and the cobbled alleys is where you'll find Brew & Brownie. It's a small, friendly and busy cafe which unfortunately you can't book. It was constantly busy, we had to wait around 5 minutes for a table and this seemed to be the common theme. The cafe was filled with a variety of people and ages and the staff were rushed off their feet but helpful and friendly at the same time.
The menu is varied with sweet and savoury, healthy and slightly less healthy options so it really does cater to everyone (i'm convinced they had gluten free and vegan friendly cake too!) As you can see from the first picture, I ordered the American pancake stack with banana and salted caramel. I received 4 of the biggest, fluffiest pancakes I've ever tried with just the right amount of topping to compliment the food nicely. My boyfriend ordered eggs benedict (with bacon not ham) and was suitably satisfied.

 Feeling very full indeed we headed to do some more shopping and sight seeing around the beautiful city. I thought i'd include a semi outfit picture as I'm not 100% confident with posting them but i'm in love with this gorgeous New Look jumper so I really wanted to share it. After we'd shopped, took in the sides and had a small drink in the Christmas market we decided to visit the Brew & Brownie Bakeshop which is a couple of doors down. We purchased two of their home made doughnuts, raspberry jam and Oreo (heart eyed emoji) - we had to have something to remember the day by, right?


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