Wednesday, 10 January 2018

After The Fire - Will Hill || Book Review

As soon as Zoe Sugg (Zoella) announced her 2017 book club, I knew I was going to buy the books. I did last year and the idea that this time round she was working with other authors and book lovers really sold it to me. I picked it up pretty soon after she released the video about it which meant I got all 8 books for around £35 - bargain! Out of all the 8 books (link here) After The Fire was the book I was least excited to read purely because it doesn't fit with my chick lit genre. Patrick Ness, author of A Monster Calls, reviews it by saying "genuinely different...thrilling and spell binding" and he isn't wrong.
The thing that instantly drew me into this book is the fact that the chapters are written in two ways, Before and After and to begin with it isn't clear what time frame this is referring too. I think another reason I was automatically involved in this book is that it begins straight at the action, something my typical genre doesn't do! From the first 5 pages, you become aware that something bad has happened but you don't know what, why or how. Throughout the book you learn more about Moonbeam and her family and life with Father John inside the compound.
Although I can't relate to Moonbeam or any of the characters in the book, I still connected with the main character straight away. When she felt happy, so did I, when she trusted a character, I did too and when she began to become curious about her life and the rules she has to follow, I willed her to make a change. I devoured this book in a night, it kept me gripped from beginning to end. I wouldn't even say there was a chapter where I felt bored or that something more exciting could have happened. I can't wait to try more books by Will Hill or more books based around this theme.

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  1. This sounds sooo interesting!! I love the sound of how its written!!


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