Thursday, 24 August 2017

My New Blog Series || A Guide to Renting

So, as I've recently got back on the blogging train (fingers crossed it lasts) I thought I needed a new series for my blog to keep me focused and excited to write. Life has changed a lot since I last blogged properly and the biggest change is the fact that I'm now renting a little house with my boyfriend. As with all things new, my home has now become my passion and hobby so I'm going to try and translate that onto this little old blog.

The idea came when I started looking at the renting process and turned to the place I always turn to for advice; the internet. I'm not sure how many of you are in or have been in this position but there literally isn't anything out there. Simple things such as, how long does an application take, who can be your references if you're a first time renter etc - I literally  couldn't find anything that was beginner friendly. Because of this, I have a whole host of blog post ideas that focus on how to guides, tips and tricks, sneak peeks into my home and many more which I think would have been helpful for me. If you have something you are dying to learn more about then do please comment or tweet me and I will be happy to help (if I can)!

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