Monday, 21 August 2017

Salon Science Hydraluxe Range || Review

 So I mentioned briefly in this hair care post about my sensitive scalp and it's not something I really talk about. I find that having a dry, flaky scalp can be terribly embarrassing and not many people understand what causes the flakes. Anyway, that being said I really struggle using different shampoos and conditioners. My current shampoo is actually courtesy of the NHS and I have to buy it on prescription, it isn't nice - trust me!
I was recently contacted by the people behind Salon Science and was asked if i'd like to try one of the ranges. Salon Science currently have 4 different collections which target different hair concerns; hair loss, anti-ageing and restored volume, repair and radiance and hydration and scalp sensitivity. Typically, I went straight for the Hydration and Scalp sensitivity range and was sent the shampoo (£11*), conditioner (£12*) and Hydrabsorb Intensive Masque (£14*).
The packaging is simple and effective, it doesn't look particularly high end but I love that it doesn't look like a medical, sciency collection either. All of the four ranges are based around plants and the hydration range is all about organic cactus which soothes the scalp. They have a nice, fresh scent to them and are quite blue in colour. They remind me slightly of the L'oreal Clay hair range (reviewed here) but they work so much better for my hair. My scalp has definitely been less itchy since I've been using it and the condition of my hair feels so much nicer, especially when using the Intensive Masque. I simply shampoo my hair, apply the masque and leave for between 5-10 minutes and then wash off and follow with the conditioner.
Overall, I wouldn't say I can completely stop using my prescribed shampoo but I'm definitely using it less, probably only once a week and using these products most of the time. They smell lovely, and do a really good job of hydrating and soothing the scalp! What are is your favourite hair care range?

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