Saturday, 14 January 2017

Top Tips to Unwind and Relax

I've had a rubbish few months and sometimes life gets on top of me and I just need a break. I've mentioned lots of times that I'm a teacher and contrary to popular belief it isn't a 9-3 job. I'm at work by 7:20am and I work solidly until 7ish every night - also I'm not quite sure what a whole weekend is just yet either; that means that I really struggle with finding me time. However lately, I've made myself number 1 priority and have managed to find some weekly me time.
The first thing I like to do is run a nice bubbly bath. I've done 2 Lush hauls lately (here and here) and my need for me time is the driving force behind the splurges. There is nothing nicer than running a bath, adding in a bath bomb, locking the door and zoning out with candles and some spa music on. It instantly makes me feel 10 times more relaxed.
To go alongside the bath, I also like to look after my skin. My face is the first place to show if i'm feeling stressed or run down, I look similar to a dot to dot picture! I do a full pamper routine and finish with a face mask, I have several favourites but Elemis Fruit Active Rejuvenating Mask smells incredible.
Similar to looking after my face, I also find massages super relaxing. Unfortunately, I'm not on the income (no, teachers don't get paid loads either!) which allows regular massages so me and my boyfriend have a little compromise. We like to give each other hand massages using our current hand cream, this Zoella one has the most amazing smell and is definitely a good one for cosy nights.
Finally, a book is my perfect way to unwind. I like to start the night by watching Youtube videos but I can never fully switch off. Half an hour before bed I like to switch all my technology off and delve into a good chick lit. Sometimes if i'm really tired I bend the rules a little and listen to a podcast. Anything to do with music, tv, fashion or crime and it usually has me hooked. There are also some really good podcasts that help with sleep too.

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