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Inside The Makeup Drawers || Single Eyeshadows, Blushers, Highlighters

Inside The Makeup Drawers || Single Eyeshadows, Blushers, Highlighters

Inside The Makeup Drawers || Single Eyeshadows

Inside The Makeup Drawers || Cream Eyeshadows

Inside The Makeup Drawers || Primers, Eyebrows, Glitter

Inside The Makeup Drawers || Kiko Eyeshadows

Inside The Makeup Drawers ||Blushers

Inside The Makeup Drawers || Highlighters

Inside The Makeup Drawers || Single Eyeshadows, Blushers, Highlighters
I'm addicted to buying makeup! I just love the feeling of using a new product and obviously it helps with the blog and stuff. A while ago I shared my Foundation Collection  and so today I thought i'd share another drawer from my makeup storage. It doesn't really have a name because it's a bit of everything, I had a clear out recently and managed to condense my collection significantly. It mainly features single shadows and a few highlighters.
Single shadows aren't really my thing, I much prefer eyeshadow palettes (you can see my collection here) but I do have a few. I bought two MAC Dazzledusts when they released, I don't wear them that much but they're nice for a special occasion. I also have MAC Satin Taupe which is a standard blogger shade and MAC Wedge as a brow shade. The copper NYX shade is a beautiful bold colour that is perfect for blue eyes. The Lord & Berry pink is a nice transition shade for a pinky red smokey eye. I also have a few of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos which are such good bases. They are cream eyeshadows so act as a good primer, they last all day and are really pigmented.
Next up is a selection of little bits and bobs that don't really have a 'home'. The NYX Roll On Glitter is a new purchase that featured in my NYX haul. The Billion Dollar Brow shadow used to be a firm favourite of mine. The colour is a perfect match but for now I've gone back to my trusty brow gel. Again, the Urban Decay Primer Potion used to belong in my makeup bag but i'm trying a new primer for now so this has been resigned to the drawers. Finally, there's 2 samples from Hourglass for contouring - there just isn't enough room in my base drawers for these to fit.
Continuing with the eyeshadows and I have 2 Kiko offerings, one single and one duo. The single is a beautiful light champagne colour which looks perfect on the inner corner. The Duo featured in my recent Beauty Haul, the two colours compliment each other so well. A few of my favourite blushers also belong in this drawer. The cream blushers from Bourjois are a summer must have, I've got the pink shade and then a coral. They apply so nicely and blend amazingly, I highly recommend this if you're looking for a cream blush. The Max Factor blush is another seasonal piece but this time for Autumn/Winter. The berry shade suits those dark lips that I can't wait to wear and a nice neutral eye. The Clinique Pop Blusher is something that I need to use way more often. The shade is so beautiful, I think i'm going to add this to my everyday makeup collection.
Finally we move on to highlighters, my love! Macs Strobe Cream is a product that I can't decide whether I love or not, it gives a nice glow but i'm not sure it does a lot. I just kind of feel like it's a waste of time but I like to use it when i'm having a no makeup makeup kind of day. Topshop Glow Pot is a firm favourite in the beauty world and it really is lovely, again it's a product I don't use enough. For a pale girl like me it gives a really subtle highlight, you can always add a powder to make it more glowing. The Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer is again another classic but i'm not sure if it's for me. Yes, it's really nice and it does give a lovely sheen to the cheekbones but it's just not enough for me. On the opposite end of the scale is the Becca Jaclyn Hill Highlighter in Champagne Pop. This is really not subtle but gives a gorgeous golden glow, my only issue with this is that the packaging isn't very sturdy-mine has shattered already :(!
The rest of my palettes, blushers, bronzers and highlighters belong in the beautiful rose gold basket that belongs on my dressing table but this post would be far to long to go into detail. I'll maybe save that for another post!


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