Sunday, 22 January 2017

How I Edit My Pictures || Tips & Tricks

If you've read my 2017 Blog Goals post then you'll know that one of my aims for the year is to up my Instagram. One way I hope to do that is by improving my photography, alongside buying a fancy nancy camera (which you 100% don't need), there are also some amazing apps out there to help you! I use a mixture of camera (Nikon Coolpix L820) and Iphone 7 pictures and I can barely tell which picture was taken on what.
 The main aim when I edit my pictures is to whiten and brighten my pictures. To whiten the images (you can see an example above) I use the app Facetune. This is one of those controversial apps but personally, I don't use it to edit selfies or pictures of actual faces. It has a whiten feature which allows you to whiten the background of the photo. You can see in the pictures above, that the second picture has a slight yellowish tinge which is caused by bad lighting. This app is amazing to use when natural light just isn't achievable, blooming winter!
After whitening my picture, I open Afterlight which allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, highlights and exposure. I turn the brightness up to a level that looks good, if the picture is taken in natural light than I don't turn up the brightness too much. This is the same for highlight, it really depends on the photo. For instagram photos I also add some exposure as it fits in with my 'theme' (you can see my tips for creating an instagram theme here). If i'm editing pictures purely for my blog than I use the program Picasa 3 which has very similar properties to the phone apps, it's just easier to use on a laptop!

How do you edit your instagram pictures?


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