Friday, 30 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas || Boyfriend Edition

So here I am, back with part 2 of my Christmas Gifts, you can see the wonderful presents my family got me here! As I said before, some people don't like these but my first one has gone down really well. I decided to split my post in two simply because I was overwhelmed by everything I received and one post wouldn't do everything justice!
Again, I'll start with makeup and blogger bits purely because they were the main focus of my Christmas list. Firstly, I received the Urban Decay Junkie Vice Palette, we actually picked this up in Sephora whilst at Disneyland because it was sold out everywhere in the UK. Another palette I opened was the Tom Ford Honeymoon Quad which is so beautiful, I've wanted this for so long. Alongside that, my boyfriend also picked out Jared from the Tom Ford Lips & Boys collection. I also ordered myself the Lime Crime lipstick from the beauty bay sale before Christmas but he very kindly bought it for me. There's the standard Snow Fairy purchase which I love and Marc Jacobs Decadence was a complete surprise. I love Marc Jacobs scents and this one I didn't own so i'm glad it's now part of my collection. His mum and dad also picked me up Kiehls' Creamy Eye Cream too!
Moving on to less beauty focused presents and I received my first ever Diptyque candle in the scent Baies, this smells incredible! Louise Live has been on my wishlist for so long too, I just find her hilarious. I watched this on Boxing Day and it didn't disappoint. I also unwrapped the HP Sprocket which is so lovely. It looks amazing and is so easy to use, there will be a whole blog post about this soon!
 Similarly to my family presents, I received a fair few books. I actually knew about all of these except for the Jungle themed Dot to Dot which was off my boyfriend's mum and dad. Face by Pixiwoo is brilliant, it also came with a free brush which is brilliant! Scarlett Moffatt is taking over the world so I thought i'd find out a bit more about her by reading her book. Again, Khloe Kardashian is killing it lately and i'm so excited to read about her lifestyle and fitness routines etc. I also got a Youtuber Dot to Dot but I was half way through one when I took the pictures! 
Finally, moving on to bath and homey stuff. I got 2 bath bombs from Lush Northern Lights and Never Mind.I then picked the candle and reed diffuser myself, I picked the Winter Collection from Next as it smells incredible. It honestly smells the same as Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir, I haven't opened either of them yet and they smell so strong already. I can't wait to start burning them!
What did you receive for Christmas? If you've done a What I Got For Christmas Post then please link it below, I love them!



  1. Wow, those are some great gifts! Glad your boyfriend got you amazing things and you had a great Christmas :)

    The Tom Ford palette is gorgeous!!!

    Happy New Year x

    Carmen | Wandering Banshee

    1. Thank you! I'm in love with the Tom Ford Palette, it's amazing xo

  2. So many incredible presents - especially the tom ford palette!

    Lucy | Forever September


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