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Summer to Winter Transition - Beauty Products

Summer to Winter Transition - Beauty Products

Summer to Winter Transition - Beauty Products
  Summer has gone and Autumn is well and truly under way. The candles are crackling, the baths are running and the pumpkins are being carved. If you write a blog, the chances are this is your favourite time of year and I 100% fall into that category. However, I do find myself mourning the loss of some of my most used summer products but I have found some alternatives that seem to replace them every year.
The Body Shop Pinita Colada shower gel and Lush Snow Fairy

Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry and Hot Emily
 Firstly, shower gels. In the summer my brain thinks about holidays, beer gardens and sun - The Body Shop's Pinita Colada was a firm favourite. It reinforced the smells of my favourite things and left me feeling and smelling ready for summer. Now the sun has gone and I only really get to see darkness my life is now all about Lush's Snow Fairy. A beautiful, sweet smelling thick shower gel that definitely needs to become an all round product. It reminds me of winter and being all cosy!
Lipstick shades also change quite dramatically from summer to winter. Summer brings the brights; pink, coral and orange. I also think I experiment more with different finishes in the summer, throw me a lipgloss in summer and I'm all over it - in winter? Not so much. When the cold weather hits I definitely tend to go for darker, matte shades. Berry and brown tones are perfect, Charlotte Tilbury's Glastonberry has been a favourite for several years, I also whip it out around October time.
YSL Black Opium and Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber
Hourglass Illusion and Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Now this is one that I don't think many people will think about but I always change my fragrance when the seasons change. In summer I go for light, floral scents - Jo Malone Earl Grey and Cucumber is hands down my favourite ever scent but it just doesn't work all that well in winter. For colder days I go for more woody and sophisticated scents. YSL Black Opium always gets me compliments, this is definitely my 'winter' scent. It lasts for ages too!
Finally, foundation. When the weather is hot and my skin is tanned I'm all about the no makeup look. If i'm on holiday I very rarely wear a foundation in the day but when I do it's always a tinted moisturiser. Hourglass Illusion is my choice, it's very light on the skin but gives enough coverage to still look flawless. As soon as the cold weather attacks my skin though, those full coverage foundations sneak out. My current favourite is the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation which is incredibly high coverage but looks natural on the skin. This will be my saviour this winter I just know it.


  1. Black Opium is one of my all time favourite perfumes. It smells incredible! x

  2. Great post! Although I adore Spring & Summer, Autumn has it's perks too & warm, woody scents and berry toned lips and nails definitely make a welcome entrance at this time of year! xx

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    1. Agreed, I love both! When one is finished then i'm definitely ready for the other xo


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