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Sephora Haul

Sephora Haul - sheet masks  in Pomegranate and Pearl

Sephora Haul - Wonderful Cushion Collection

Sephora Haul - Wonderful Cushion Collection

Sephora Haul - Matte Lip Cream

Sephora Haul - Matte Lip Cream Swatches
I'm pretty sure i'm not alone with this but when I book a holiday I get myself on Google Maps and find the nearest Sephora! Luckily for me but not so much for my bank account, in Rome (you can see my photo diary here) we had a Sephora at the top of our street and another 2 very close by. Now because of #brexit the euro is pretty pants, this meant that brands we can get in the UK such as Urban Decay, Nars and Chanel weren't that much cheaper so I decided to stick to mainly Sephora's own brand as it's not available in the UK.
Sephora Sheet Masks in Pearl and Pomegranate and Charcoal Nose Strip
These are everywhere, I see so many people instagramming these so I had to pick them up. The masks were around 3,50 euros and the nose strip was around 1,50 which is very cheap. I haven't tried a sheet mask yet so i'll report back with my thoughts.
Sephora Wonderful Cushion Matte Lip Cream and Blush
This collection sucked me in by their advertising, because we don't have Sephora's own collection I was quite overwhelmed by everything so I focused on their new releases or best sellers. These looked to be nearly sold out so I thought they must be good. I got the lip cream in 02 Wonderful Coral and the blush in 01 Raspberry Splash. Hopefully as they are quite close in shade numbers they will compliment each other nicely.
Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 06 and 09
I picked up another 2 lip stains as I love them. I got a nudey pink colour and then a bright corally orange shade. I love orange lips for summer, they look amazing with a green and gold eye look. I'm also loving nudey pink lips too. I love the 2 shades I already own (you can read about them here) so hopefully these will be just as good. I've heard a few people say they nude shades aren't as good but for 10 euros I thought it was worth a try.
I did pick up 2 more bits from Sephora that weren't from their own brand and something from Inglot but I thought I'd mention them here anyway. In the airport on the way I smelt Tom Ford Orchid Soleil and loved it. I find Tom Ford scents to be very strange, I can never decide if I like them or not so I sprayed it in the airport and then made up my mind after I'd worn it for a while. This was super expensive and worked out at about £56 (slightly more expensive than the UK but i'd saved euros for a perfume so made sense to buy it there). There will be a review soon of this but I absolutely love it. I then got sucked in to the minis by the tills and bought the Makeup Forever HD Powder. I've wanted to try this for ages and the travel size means it can stay in my bag for touch ups. Finally there was an Inglot shop in Rome so I picked up a single eyeshadow in 09,  they were so cheap and beautiful but one was enough. The pigmentation of this is unreal and the gold shade really suits my blue eyes.


  1. This post made me so happy as I'm off to Rome in September and I will 100% be hitting Sephora! The face masks look amazing, I'm such a face mask addict!


    Lady Law Student

    1. You will love it, it's one of the nicest place at I've been! There is a Sephora right opposite the Spanish steps but if you can find another then I would, the staff are quite pushy and rude (there's one on the Main shopping street Via Del Corso) xo

  2. I found when i went to the Sephora in Barcelona that most of the brands were pretty much the same price so I only bothered buying from Kat Von D. I wish i got some Sephora branded products now!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

    1. Unfortunately they didn't have any Kat Von D! It is coming to Debenhams soon though :). The Sephora products are amazing, I love the blusher xo

  3. I'm off to America in just over a year and I'm really hoping I can find a Sephora! It looks like you managed to find some lovely things!

    Claire Louise Xx |

    1. I've heard they are quite popular, get on Google Maps 😜 Xo


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