Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Brush Works Beauty Essentials || Review

Brush Works Beauty Essentials
There are some things as a beauty blogger or just beauty lover in general that are essential. I'm thinking; sharpeners, tweezers, nail files etc - you can get these from pretty much everywhere. Drug store or high end, most beauty places will stock them. However, why pay a fortune for essentials when you can find them for less than £10 and they do an amazing job!
That's where Brush Works comes in, it's a fairly new company who specialise in make up brushes and implementations for beauty lovers around. I was sent 6 of their tools and they have come in so handy. Brush Work Crystal Nail File (*£5.99) is an essential for nail disasters. I get my nails done every fortnight but this comes in really handy when I chip a nail. It's a lot heavier than a regular nail fail too so it keeps the nails strong. Brush Works 6 Way Shape & Shine Buffer (*£2.49) is a product that brings back memories. Whenever I had sleepovers as a child we'd always use this whilst painting or nails, the shine this gives is incredible - I love it. Brush Works Foot File (*£4.99) is something I use all the time. Now i'm in flip flops a lot of the time I like to look after my feet. I like to use this after a shower or a bath when the skin is soft and then apply a moisturiser over the top.
Slanted Tweezers are the only ones I'll use now, they make everything so much easier. Brush Works Slanted Tweezers (*£2.99) are so cheap compared to others on the market and they do a really good job. I use these more for when i'm doing other peoples brows because I keep my other pair in my makeup bag. Brush Works Pencil Sharpener (*£2.49) is perfect for lip liners and eye liners. Why pay £££ money for a sharpener when this does such a good job, I keep it in my makeup bag and use it all the time. Brush Works Lash Curlers (*£4.99) are a life saver at curling your lashes. Again, I use these when I'm doing other peoples makeup but I do use them on myself. I'm lucky that I have naturally long, curly lashes anyway so I don't need to curl my lashes all the time but these do a pretty good job!


  1. Such great prices and they actually look really good, something I would definitely purchase, I love the look of that nail file!

    1. That's what I love about them, they are so cheap but are actually really good!xo


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