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A Guide To Rome || Tips and Tricks

 4 days in Rome went so fast, there is so much to do and see! Before I went I spent a lot of time watching Vlogs and reading blog posts so I knew kind of what to expect but a lot of the Rome posts only talked about recommendations of places to eat and visit rather than giving people tips and tricks so that's what I thought i'd do for you!
 1 // Book any tours in advance
Because we only had a few days in Rome (with travelling taking up a day etc) we decided it was best to see the main sights via a tour. The Colosseum has huge queues all year round but going in the height of summer (we went from the 4th-7th August) means it is crazy busy. We had already been warned about this so decided to book a tour online. We went with Dark Rome as they had brilliant reviews and also did a tour of the Colosseum that included the underground cellars and an exclusive night tour (spoiler alert - it was amazing!) We also booked a best of Rome tour for the following day that was equally as good, the tour guides really know their stuff. Some of the tours are quite pricey but it means you skip the queue and it doesn't eat into your holiday money whilst you're there.
2 // Take plenty of money
We took 700 euros with us and thought that was a lot for 4 days. We knew we'd be spending 96 euros on transfers to and from the airport (taxis are white in Rome and there is a fixed rate of 48 euros from the airport to anywhere in the city centre) and we knew about the hotel tax. To be honest, we did eat out for lunch and tea every day in restaurants rather than cheaper places for lunch but that's what we wanted to do. The food in Rome is just delicious so we decided to splash out. We also did a lot of shopping and splurging in Sephora too (you can see my Sephora Haul here). I would say just bring more than you think and you'll be fine.
 3// Just cross the roads
The roads in Rome are crazy, there were several times on the way from the airport to the hotel I thought we'd be in an accident. The cars drive recklessly and the pedestrians just walk out on the road - together it sounds like a nightmare but it actually works. So if there are traffic lights and the green man, follow the rules; only walk when the green man is on. However, if theres what appears to be a zebra crossing on the road then you literally just walk out. It's pretty scary at first but if you're confident then it works, if you falter and look nervous the cars wont stop. Be cautious though, especially with motorcycles, these travel so fast that they find it hard to stop in time.
4// Google Maps becomes your best friend
Rome is full of hidden streets and back alleys so walking around can get pretty confusing. Our hotel was very close to a lot of main attractions, our furthest sight was the Colosseum and it was around 30 minutes walk. We didn't rely on transport because of this so we walked everywhere. The first day we just wondered and then ended up getting lost, in 37 degree heat this wasn't good! After this, we'd decide where we were going, get the route on google maps and then take pictures of the route seeing as we didn't have Wifi. This is such a good idea, the thought of getting lost really scares me so I definitely felt more comfortable and relaxed.
 5// There are a lot of street sellers
This is the thing that surprised me the most! Near all the main sights there are people selling things; water, selfie sticks, tours and roses. Most of them are fine when you say no but the men selling the roses can be quite persistant. They try and force them into your hands so you buy them, I either put my hands in my pockets or just very firmly told them no. It does get quite annoying but it's a small price to pay when you see the amazing views and attractions.
6// Beware of pick pockets at the main attractions
This is something everyone warned me of and I'll admit it did make me a little frightened before I went. The main sights get so busy, the Trevi Fountain was like nothing I've ever seen before and our tour guide said it was a pick pockets paradise. I had nothing in my pockets and used a bum bag for everything (it was very nice from Asos, not one of those old types), my camera was around my neck the whole time. My boyfriend had his wallet and phone in his pockets but kept his hands in them most of the time. Whilst we were there the second time, our guide actually spotted 2 pick pockets, they were young girls carrying huge bags. They had scarfs too so they could keep coming round in 'different' clothes. Just be very vigilant and don't ask people you don't know to take pictures of you - our guide constantly offered to take pictures for us.
7// Take lots of pictures but live in the moment
Rome is full of beauty, everywhere you turn there is something amazing and instagrammable! I'm pretty proud of my Instagram at the minute (@studentstylexo) it's full of churches and blue skies. I also took a lot pictures on my camera too (you can see them in my Rome Photo Diary) but it's so important to actually live in the moment and appreciate what you're seeing with your eyes rather than through a screen. On our tours we'd reach a destination, I'd snap a few pictures and then listen and observe the surroundings. Everything is so stunning and awe inspiring that I found I actually wanted to listen to the history of these wonders.
8// Dress for the weather
This is simple and very obvious one! We went in August and it was hot, probably one of the hottest places I've been - you're doing a hell of a lot of walking and it's not acceptable to wear a bikini in the streets (no one needs to see that!) this means it does feel really hot. My suitcase consisted of shorts and thin t-shirts but my main saviour was play suits, they are so cool and floaty and definitely needed in the heat. Comfortable trainers are also essential, you will walk a lot and cute sandals just wont cut it. Going shopping or walking around for 3 hours in 38 degrees does take it's toll on your body. We bought 2 litre water bottles every day in the morning and then used the frequent fountains to fill them up throughout the day (there is drinkable water everywhere, you can even walk in some of the fountains and fill your bottles up there). We also ordered a bottle of water with every meal to go alongside our alcohol or soft drinks.

If you want to know anything else, you can email or tweet me and i'll get back to you!


  1. Your photos are gorgeous - I'd absolutely love to visit Rome someday, it sounds really good! I'll make sure I remember these tips and tricks haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Aw thank you! I really got into photography whilst I was there. Rome was amazing, the most beautiful place I've visited xo

  2. You have taken some stunning photos! Rome looks so beautiful! It really is somewhere that I would love to visit at some point x

    Claire Louise Xx |

    1. I'd 100% recommend it, I loved every minute and can't wait to return xo


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