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Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover || Book Review

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover Book Review

Well this is something different for me - a book review! I've been a big reader since forever but I struggle finding the time to actually finish a book with all the marking and planning I have to do! During the half term break I actually managed to read 3 books and I fell back in love with reading. I thought I'd combine my 2 loves; blogging and reading and add a few book reviews to my predominantly beauty based blog!
My first review is going to be Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover which was actually a recommendation from blogger FayesFix. We have very similar reading tastes so when this book was in her favourites I instantly bought it. Sydney and Ridge are the two main characters and I was quickly sucked in to their personalities. Instantly my heart ached for Sydney as she discovers some horrible but relatable news quite early on and then we meet Ridge and all seems well - obviously this isn't a quick and easy fairy tale.

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I got so engrossed in their story that I actually stayed up until 1:30am to finish it - I could not put this down. I needed to know the ending and even throughout the book I wasn't 100% convinced that I knew how it would end. I like a book that keeps the reader guessing, it definitely has that can't put down quality to it. Another element that I loved about this book is that it has an accompanying soundtrack - cool right! Ridge and Sydney are drawn to each other through music and there are a number of songs that are shown during the book. Each song is actually sang by Griffen Peterson and my god they are amazing! I listened to the album after reading the book but I can see how it would make a reader definitely more involved by listening along with the book.
After reading Maybe Someday I hopped on over to the Kindle Store to see which other delights I could find by Colleen and she'd actually written a short story featuring Warren - a room mate of Rdige's called Maybe Not. Equally as funny if not slightly ruder but still worth a read to find out more about his story and past.


  1. I love book reviews. I'm really trying to get into reading books again. This one sounds really good and think I'm going to get it.

    1. I really enjoyed writing this, I have another 3 lined up :) xo


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