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Kylie Lip Kit - Candy K|| Review and Swatches

Kylie Lip Kit Candy K Review and Swatches

Kylie Lip Kit Candy K Review and Swatches

Kylie Lip Kit Candy K Review and Swatches

Kylie Lip Kit Candy K Review and Swatches
You're probably sick of these posts, nearly every blogger has reviewed the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits but what the heck I thought I'd join the hype and add my review to the mix. Everyone has different experiences with them so I thought i'd share mine. First off I'll start with the product and what I think of it and then I'll move on to price and shipping etc.
The colour I picked up was Candy K which is a nudey pink and each kit comes with a lip liner and a lipstick. All the shades are matte and that they definitely are. However, they are the least drying liquid lipsticks I've ever tried (you can see my liquid lipstick collection post here). They dry within a minute and then they do not move. They look as if they would be quite drying as it seems to highlight the lines on my lips but I actually really like that look. I've tried it both without a lip balm underneath and also with one and it feels nice either way.
The lip liner is literally the creamiest thing I have ever used. I was actually shocked the first time I applied it. It is hugely pigmented and would look nice all over the lips, it doesn't drag at all! The two products match perfectly but with it being nude it would also look nice with a different nude over the top! I just did a post about my favourite lip liners and this would definitely be in the top 5!
Moving on to prices, shipping and customs! The lip kits cost $29 which equates to £20 - pretty good considering a Mac lipstick is £15.50 and a lip liner is £12 (£27.50 altogether). The only thing that lets these kits down is the shipping which is $14.95 (£10) which means you're looking at £30 for the whole thing. I have ordered twice from Kylie Cosmetics and I haven't been charged customs on either order but I know people who have. For £30 I think these kits are definitely worth it if you are charged with a customs fee it can make it a lot more expensive! I didn't wait too long for delivery - 10 days for the first and 11 for the second parcel which is pretty darn good.
I will definitely be purchasing different shades in the future, hopefully it will become easier for people to buy these in the future too. I have a review of the lip gloss coming soon so keep you're eyes peeled for that! There's also a giveaway coming up on Wednesday maybe and this post might be a slight hint into the prize!



  1. The Kylie Lip Kits sound amazing - you're very lucky you didn't get a custom charge, as I've heard so many people who did! Candy K looks like a gorgeous shade!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. I know, i've ordered twice and haven't got one on any occasion! It's such a lovely shade, really wearable xo


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