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Ark Skincare Review

Ark Skincare

Ark Skincare

Ark Skincare
I'm still loving skincare, it's official i'm an addict! I thought I had my routine down and then I tried Ark Skincare. I decided to try a new cleanser and a moisturiser as you can never have too many. The cleanser I went for is Age Protect Skin Clear Cleanser (£24*) and the moisturiser is the Age Protect Skin Vitality Moisturiser (£27*).
The thing I was drawn to is the age protect qualities of Ark skincare. I'm definitely out of that 'teenage skin' phase but I'm still only 23 so I don't particularly have mature skin. These products are aimed at 'teens and 20s' which is perfect for me! The packaging is definitely more sophisticated and more expensive looking than most products aimed at teens and younger skin - something I really like. Younger products can look a bit tacky and cheap and these products are at a higher price point which the packaging matches. The moisturiser is dispensed by pressing the top down and the product comes out of a little hole.
I have been using the products daily for around 2 weeks now and I like them. I use the cleanser in a morning rather than at night. It's more of a refreshing face wash than a cleanser which I would rely on to remove makeup. If you cleanse your skin first and then use this as a second cleanse at night then it would be fine but I don't tend to do that. The moisturiser is good for both night and day but I think I'm going to keep to night time as I'm pretty happy with my daily moisturiser - I'm actually going to keep this at my boyfriends so I don't have to cart my skincare with me! They do have a pretty strong smell so if you have fragrance sensitive skin I would recommend trying a sample first. I quite like the smell, it reminds me of spa like products which adds to a relaxing, pamper routine. The smell reflects the ingredients as there is definitely a hint of the White Tea especially in the moisturiser.
You can buy Ark Skincare from Beauty Expert which is like a beauty bloggers heaven. It is definitely becoming my favourite website to browse! I'm interested in trying the Ark De-Stress Serum next, hopefully I'll enjoy it as much as these.
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