Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Lip Liners to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

Nude Lip Liners - Mac, Charlotte Tilbury, RimmelNude Lip Liners - Mac, Charlotte Tilbury, Rimmel
Nude Lip Liners - Mac, Charlotte Tilbury, Rimmel
The bigger, full lips trend has been around for a while now and it's showing no signs of disappearing. Not a day goes by when I don't have a browse on Facebook and see someone else with surgically enhanced lips. I like the look of bigger lips like most people but I neither have the money or pain thresh hold to do something about it. That is until I discoverd nude lip liners! I've picked four of my favourites, three are high end and one is drug store so there's a range for everyone.
Rimmel East End Snob £3.99 - just look at the price. There's so many posts about this being a dupe for Mac's Whirl/Soar and I have to agree. It's slightly darker than my naturally pink lips which means it's perfect for achieving a bigger pout. I use this to line my actual lips and then 'drag' the top lip up ever so slightly. This is the creamiest lip liner out of them and doesn't pull at the lips.
Mac Barely Bold and Soar £12.50 - Barely Bold is the most like my lip colour, it has just been exaggerated slightly. This one is perfect for more brown lips - think Velvet Teddy. Soar is a beautiful pinky nude that is loved by every man and his dog. These are pretty expensive but I have a few Mac Lip pencils in my collection and they really are worth it, they are long lasting, wearable and add longevity to almost any lipstick.
Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk £16 - The most expensive lip liner I own and probably the best. The Lip Cheats claim to resize and reshape your lips and this nude shade does just that. Similar to the Rimmel lip liner I use this to slightly draw over my natural lip line, it's a beautiful colour which is definitely similar to my lip colour. This is creamy and hydrating and feels really nice on the lips! If you had to buy just one lip liner I'd say this is the best.
Tips For Making Your Lips Appear Bigger
1) Use a contour colour under the middle part of your bottom lip. This adds shadow to your lip area and makes your lips look fuller.
2) Use a highlight shade on your cupids bow. This attracts the light and this time makes the top lip look fuller.
3) Powder the centre of your lips (if using a matte lipstick).
4) Use a glossy shade right in the middle of your top and bottom lip.



  1. I absolutely love east end snob but I have to say that Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk still wins for me!
    Coleoftheball xx


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