Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Unique Salon Beverley || Review

I've never been the sort of person who regularly visits the Hair Salon or styles their hair every day. I've got a lot better at taking regular trips to get my hair done but that's about it. I'm in a bit of a hair care rut if I'm being honest - i've been trying some new shampoo (you can see a review here) but that's about it. So when the lovely people at Unique Salons contacted me and asked if I'd like to try visit their Beverley salon and try their new range I jumped at the chance.

I decided to book in for my blow dry on the day I finished work for 2 weeks. My lovely boyfriend offered to take me and then we could go out for tea and drinks. We arrived slightly early but we were made to feel comfortable straight away, we were offered drinks (beer was available!) and then left to relax and take photos. The first thing I noticed was how big the Salon was, it's huge but still feels warm and friendly. They had the nicest playlist and i'm pretty sure my boyfriend nodded off for ten minutes whilst I was being blow dried.
My stylist, John, came over and explained about the new products. Basically the premise behind System Professionals is that hair is individual and needs it's own energy code. The guys at Unique discover your hair's code by asking some questions and creating an individual programme for your hair. You can find out your own energy code on the website here. What I liked the most is that John didn't do the hard sell, I've been pretty stressed with work lately and because I suffer with Dermatitis, my scalp was dry and flaky, John explained straight away that he didn't want to irritate my scalp further and so would go straight in with the Purifying Range and the Balancing Range. My energy code is P1, H2, B3. I was so pleased with this decision as it showed that John really cared about my hair and wasn't just thinking about selling the System Professional Range.

I was then introduced to Lexie who lead me into the room where the hair washing takes place! Oh my goodness, what a treat! The sinks are hidden in a small room off the salon floor, I love the idea of this because it makes the whole thing relaxing and pampering. There is a huge beach print on the wall and the seats recline so that your feet aren't left dangling whilst you're having your hair washed. I loved this part, it was super relaxing and the head massage was amazing! My hair felt lovely and clean and so soft once it had been done. After that, I was taken back over to John who asked what I wanted my hair like, we settled on beachy waves and so he began. We talked the whole way through the process and I felt really at ease - I don't always feel like this at new salons. John curled my hair with the straighteners and explained how I could recreate the look at home. I was so pleased with the end result, my hair looked so natural but still done and my visible flaky scalp has non existent.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Unique and I would definitely recommend the salon to anyone. The prices are pretty expensive but comparable to other 'premium' style salons. A blow dry is around £25 which is slightly cheaper than my regular salon. I received lots of samples of the products that create my energy code and I'm looking forward to trying them at home.

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