Sunday, 6 March 2016

How To|| Create An Instagram Theme

I am 100% addicted to Instagram, there I said it! I never used to be, i'd be on it every so often but my actual uploading efforts were about 0. I used to post anything I fancied with no dedicated time or content (you can still see those pictures as you scroll down). Then I started seeing lots of talk about Instagram themes and I decided i'd quite like one for my insta (studentstylexo)!
I started by thinking about what type of pictures I like and what I enjoy taking pictures of, it doesn't take a genius to see it's beauty products. I'm pretty pleased with my blog photography and so I decided to make the link with that. In my opinion, clean, white backgrounds always looks nice with the product the main focus of the image. I use the app Afterlight to edit pictures taken with my Iphone 6 but I also post images taken with my blog camera although I can't remember or tell which photo is taken by what in the collage above.
I mainly use the Brightness and Contrast settings in Afterlight and then depending on the picture I will use the same controls in Instagram too, Any cropping or rotating I'll do in Afterlight just because it looks better and makes the image clearer. Then I upload the image, add relevant hashtags, sometimes connect it to Twitter and then post it! I'm also gaining more followers but i'll do a post on that soon!


  1. Thank your for the tips !


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