Sunday, 28 February 2016

Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Toner || Review

Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Toner

Merumaya Gentle Exfoliating Toner
Skincare is something I have a love hate relationship with, one month it'll be the be all and end all of my life and the next it will be the bane of my life! Since Christmas i've been into skincare and i've been looking for an exfoliating toner ever since I read Caroline Hiron's post about their benefits. Merumaya is a brand that has been catching my eye a lot, seeing lots of people tweeting their love for their products! The Gentle Exfoliating Toner (£17.50)* is full of AHAs coupled with hydrating ingredients which makes it so gentle whilst still being exfoliating. The first time I used this my skin did get that common tingly feeling that you often get with exfoliating toners but it literally lasted seconds and then was gone. I put a few drops onto a cotton pad and swiped it over my face, I decided to first try it at night (just in case) and when I woke up my skin was smooth and glowy.
Because of the weather, my skin has been super dry lately and this does a good job of getting rid of the dry, dead skin around my nose and chin. It doesn't sting at all now, I actually look forward to using it after cleansing. My skin is definitely calmer and clearer after using this every other day for two weeks. My problem chin and nose area has cleared up massively and the spots that have appeared haven't really developed into the monsters they usually are!
I use this every other day simply because my skin isn't too bad at the moment, I know that there will definitely be times when I need to use this every day and I will have no worries about doing so. You get 128ml which seems like the generic toner size, it's big enough that it's going to last a while but not too big that you get bored of using it (please tell me it isn't just me that does this!) I also think that the application of this product is better than many other toners too -  it doesn't pour out all over the place thankfully!



  1. I love exfoliating toners and I've recently been searching for a cheaper replacement for my usual Clarins Brightening one, so I may have to give this a try! Sounds lovely :)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


    1. It's really good and effective, feels lovely on the skin!xo


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