Sunday, 10 January 2016

My Slimming World Tips

I joined Slimming World in October '15 and so far I've lost a stone and a half. I still have around about another stone until my target but i'm personally hoping to lose another half a stone on top of that too. Slimming World isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change. That sound's really cheesy and cringey but it really is, I came 'off plan' at Christmas and boy could I tell. I'm not saying I don't have treats every now and then, believe me I do but for the majority of the week I stick to the Extra Easy Plan religiously.
The picture on the left is me in December and the picture on the right is me 1.5st heavier in August
I've decided not to go into the details about Slimming World - give it a quick google or a search on Instagram and you can find tonnes of information to get you started. Instead, i'm going to share my top 5 tips for losing weight on Slimming World:

1. Write down everything you eat, or at least the amount of syns you have every day.
I just use the notes section on my phone to write down the amount of syns I have per day. I'll put the weigh I was on Tuesday's weigh in, then list the days and fill it in as I go. I like doing this because if I've had a couple of low syn days and I need a lift I can use the remaining syns to do so.
2. Go to each Weigh in even if you think you haven't lost.
There has been plenty of times I've thought i'd put on 1lbs or so, gone to group and actually lost. It makes it feel much better knowing you've actually lost even when you think you haven't. Also, if you do put on it's written down and that works as a huge motivator for me. I go with my mum and we very rarely stay for the group session after but we also make it to weigh in.
3. Don't deprive yourself too much.
As I mentioned in tip 1, you can use your syns for the week all in one go. Lots of people save them for alcohol or a chocolate fix. I like to save them for meals out, I love going out for food. I enjoy good food but I also enjoy the social factor so this has definitely been the hardest part of SW. But if I know i'm going out or there's something where food will be involved coming up I make sure I sacrifice I couple of syns at the beginning of the week. Every little helps and I know that having low syns days and going out twice a month is much better for me than the amount of rubbish I was eating before I joined SW.
4. Try and go with a friend, family member or make friends with someone in your group.
As I mentioned in tip 2, I go to SW with my mum. We both motivate each other and I have to admit it's so much easier to stay on plan when your mum makes your tea ha! Buying healthy foods can be pretty expensive so it's nice to share that with someone and know that you're not wasting a lot of food. I joined my SW's facebook page and I know lots of people are now really good friends because of group so it's definitely easy to meet people there who can encourage and motivate you.
5. Follow as many SW accounts on instagram as possible.
This was something I did before I joined to get my head around it and to see the amazing results some people have had. I can spend hours scrolling through the #slimmingworld posts. Following accounts not only gives you motivation and encouragement but it can also help with meal plan ideas, new recipes and different ways of eating, making and enjoying the foods that Slimming World suggests we eat the most of!


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