Sunday, 3 January 2016

Lush Christmas Gifts

Lush Christmas Gift Sets

Lush Christmas Candy Set

Lush Having A Blast Gift Set
Who can resist Lush at Christmas? Definitely not me and several other #bbloggers I've seen on twitter recently! One of these gift sets I received as a present, the other I bought in the 'sale'. Now before I start I wanted to talk about the infamous Lush sale. So I've heard all gift sets are half price on Boxing Day - with this in mind I headed into Lush in Meadowhall with high hopes, only to be told that unless it was made before September it's full price. Just a heads up for anyone who like me, didn't know that little rule.
The Christmas Candy Box was bought for me by my lovely boyfriend, it's full of all my favourites plus the Rock Star Soap which I haven't yet tried. I love how cute the packages are for the Christmas sets, they just make everything look so much more tempted. I bought myself the Having a Blast set purely because I liked the look of the Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub in the bar. If you've read this post then you'll know I love the original Rub Rub Rub but this has an added cherry scent to it for Christmas.


  1. these look so cute!
    i picked up 2 gift sets in the sale

  2. I LOVE the snow fairy scent, I wish they stocked it all year around (not that I've already stocked up or anything....)

  3. Haha, I know! It'd do sooooo well all year long xo


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