Monday, 31 August 2015

Lush Haul featuring #HBAlPorto

Lush Haul
Yesterday I attended the Hull Bloggers meet at Al Porto situated on Hull Marina. It was an absolutely fantastic day catching up with old friends and making new ones but I have a whole post dedicated to the meet coming soon. Today I thought i'd share with you some of the Lush products I got yesterday during the demonstrations by the lovely staff at Lush Hull.

Firstly, the big blue tub is Rub Rub Rub a body scrub that smells delightful. I had to buy this after one of the ladies gave my new friend Ashton a beautiful exfoliating hand massage using this. The smell was definitely what drew me to it but after seeing and feeling the difference in Ashton's hands I was sold. I'm hoping to do a more in depth review after I've used this. Next, is the hyped up Comforter Shower Gel i'm actually cheating because I bought this in Leeds last week but I thought id include it. It smells exactly like you'd imagine; sweet and comforting! I can't wait to use this on those dark, cold nights where you come home from work, jump in the shower and spend the night in your pjs!

On to the 3 treats I received in the amazing goodie bags (FYI we each had 3 of them!) First up is a small tub of Don't Look At Me face mask, I've never heard of this so i'm excited to try it tonight. Next is Green Fun which is a complete all rounder product. I actually bought the Blue one for my boyfriend last Christmas but it melted before he had time to properly use it. Finally a bubble bar - Granny Takes A Dip. I've seen lots of people instagram this and it smells delicious.

 The last 3 products I picked up at the Bloggers Event mainly because Ashton was thee world's best enabler! I picked up The Experimenter which is the dream, just look at it. Apparently it has a Christmassy scent which is perfect for me. Rose Jam is a bubbleroon which I haven't heard of but again look how blooming cute it looks. I love anything pink and glittery so this is right up my street. Finally a product that grabbed my attention immediately, I've been suffering with really dry hands and the fantastic sales ladies really sold this to me. Golden Handshake is a hot hand mask with the most delicious ingredients! Again, I'm hoping to review this once I've used it.



  1. Great post, I've had my eye on rub rub rub for a while now and it sounds amazing. Think I may have to purchase it soon! x

    1. It looks amazing doesn't it! Hopefully it's good :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. It smells amazing, you need it in your life!x


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