Thursday, 13 August 2015

Life Update

Long time no blog! It's been about 6 months since I actually sat down and wrote a blog post which is crazy. I must admit I've missed blogging and the interactions that come with it but I've just been so busy I've not had time to think about it too much.

Since my last post I've finished my NQT year (it was hard but definitely worth it) and i'm now enjoying the fourth week of my 7 weeks off! Now I can't promise that this blog will continue once term starts in September but instead of shutting my blog down I'm hoping to keep it going and post as and when I can. That being said, posts will be going up whenever I have chance but hopefully you will still enjoy them.

I'm always active on social media so i'll leave my links in case you fancy a student-stylexo fix!

Instagram// @studentstylexo
Twitter// @studentstylexo

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