Friday, 3 April 2015

Hourglass Cosmetics Makeup Experience (York) || Review

Hourglass Makeover
Hourglass Makeover York
Hourglass Makeover York
I'm back with another blog post featuring Hourglass Cosmetics. I first blogged about my experience with Hourglass way back in January and since then I've created a little love affair. It was my 22nd birthday at the beginning of March and my mum and sister bought my a Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow palette in Colorfield and a £30 voucher which included a makeover (I was extremely grateful!)
I emailed Megan, the lovely MUA I mentioned in this post and we arranged a date for 1st April. Amazingly, Megan and Anna (another makeup artist who is just as lovely) managed to squeeze myself, my mum and my sister in all for make overs which included a bottle of Presecco. Megan did my make over, whilst Anna did my mum's and sister's. The thing I loved about mine was that Megan gave me a lesson which taught me a lot of things. She did one half of my face and I did the other, she taught me some sneaky tricks which have been really useful to create the perfect smoky eye.
You can see the aftermath of our makeovers from the pictures, we were there for around 2 hours but the time flew by. It felt like spending the day with friends which was really nice because some makeup artists can make you feel a bit inadequate. Like I mentioned in the first post, Megan asked me to create a love pile (dangerous) and my mum and sister did the same. I'm going to do a separate post with the products so I wont say what I picked up yet (muhaha) but the three of us all bought one of the same product and then I bought 3 more items.
Hourglass collage
Once we left, we headed to Eds Diner for some dinner and we couldn't resist some selfies! We couldn't get over how amazing the makeup looked so we wanted some evidence of the girls hard work. My lovely boyfriend also drove the 3 of us to York and stood around whilst we had our makeovers so thank you (he didn't leave John Lewis empty handed). The four of us had an amazing day and we will definitely be repeating it in the future. If you're looking for luxury makeup, Hourglass has it all and if you live near York then definitely go and see Megan and Anna; they really know their stuff and make you feel so welcome (thanks girls!)



  1. Ive just gotten into hourglass I really like their blushes and the lightening palette to is really nice: looks like you had a really lovely day to

    Laura@ Liberty Loves Makeup

    1. Their products are simply amazing, I love them. It was such a nice day :)!xx


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