Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Glam Guide || Book Review

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The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force - £8
If you are alive right now then i'm pretty sure you'l have heard about the whole of the youtube beauty community writing books. I must admit, so far i've bought them all and i've been pleased but not blown away, until now. The Glam Guide is the most beautifully written and illustrated book I have ever read.

I've watched Fleur for years and feel like she's one of the few 'originals' who hasn't sold herself out for fame and fortune. She's stayed true to herself in this book and I personally think she's only included things she's really passionate about. I included a picture of the contents to show they type of chapters you can expect. Each chapter has a mixture of illustrations and real life photography, all of which are stunning. They Day Bag page is my favourite, just like at the detail!

The beauty advice is very detailed and clear, the whole book is just advice and not these are the rules and this is what you must follow. The whole way through she addresses the fact that everyone's skin is different etc which I think is reassuring especially for younger readers.

This is a really good read and even if you don't want any advice or a nosey into the lives of a Youtuber, it would like bloody beautiful on your dressing table!



  1. love the look of this book. A nice mix of topics too.

    Carrieanne xx

  2. I posted a review of this too and agree I love the way this has been presented!

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  3. I bought Tanya's book and Zoe's so I feel like I need to add it to my list :D
    Lovely photos as always

    Alex oxox


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