Sunday, 15 March 2015

Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette || Review

Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette and Bold Metals Real Techniques Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette DSCN1996 Hourglass Ambient Blush Palette Swatches
Hourglass Ambient Lightening Blush Palette - £56

Well hello beautiful (insert heart emoji here). It was only a matter of time until I caved and bought this especially after this post. I just couldn't resist, the idea that it was limited edition and I might never own it haunted me day and night. One night, whilst browsing John Lewis (as you do) I noticed it was in stock. Before I knew it, it was in my basket and I was logging into Paypal!

When it arrived, I nervously opened the (beautiful, gold) packaging to check my 'marbling effect' to non beauty bloggers they wouldn't have a clue but girls I know you have my back. Luckily the marble pattern is really nice. Luminous Flush is more pinky than gold, Incandescent Electra is more of a peachy/gold highlight and Mood Exposure is an equal mix of plummy champagne. Basically for me, this palette is a blush, highlight and contour kit - perfect!

I have been using Mood Exposure to contour because i'm incredibly pale and it looks so subtle and beautiful, out of the two blush colours Luminous Flush is my favourite but Incandescent Electra is the perfect blush for glowing skin. The swatches are very light but that reflects the texture and pigmentation of these shades. I like that they are lightly pigmented as it makes them easier to work with. You can never apply to much and look over done.

I would honestly recommend you pick this up if you see it around, yes it's £56 but that's for three really good sized blushes. The whole kit could be your blush, highlight and contour kit and if you think realistically, £56 is pretty cheap for all three!


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Golden Eyes || Guest Post

Aloha, I'm Natalie from itsNMC a beauty & lifestyle blog. When i saw that Megan was looking for guest bloggers on Twitter,  i jumped at the chance! I've only recently got back into blogging and I'm currently really enjoying it. With quite a fair amount of extra time on my hands i thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me. So today as you can tell, I'm doing a makeup post. I don't often do these, or at least i haven't for a while so i thought, why the hell not! Its nothing too special but i found an eyeshadow I've had hidden away in my drawer for almost a year and i thought i should give it a whirl! After priming my face and eyes with Benefit Porefessional i applied my everyday foundation which is Bourjois Healthy Mix in the shade Light Vanilla. To conceal under my eyes, down my nose and to highlight my cupids bow i applied Collection Lasting perfection concealer in the shade Fair. Everyone knows how good that concealer really is, and how it covers almost anything so its a must have for me. To set my base i applied Natural Collection pressed powder in the shade Neutral. I speak about this a lot on my blog, as not many people turn to it. But it works wonders for my skin and I've never gone elsewhere. Now its time to get my brow game on, as with them finished i already feel 100x better. I start by using Avon Glimmerstick brow definer in the shade Blonde to draw the guide line across the bottom of my brows right down to the tail. Then i take Vivo Ultimate brow & eye kit along with the brush inside and fill in the spaces with the middle shade right up to the start of each brow, whilst trying to make sure they blend evenly.
It's here that i start on my eyes. I lined the lower part of my eye and covered the whole of my eye lid in my Bellapierre Cosmetics shimmer powder in the shade Celebration. I was amazed by the pigmentation, the shimmer and the over all colour of this shadow. Its like nothing I've ever used before & I just wish i had got better photographs of it for you. As to the eye, its beautiful! The great thing about this powder, is that you can use it all over the face for several things such as bronzer or eyeliner when using the correct applicators. For the inner half of my eye lid i applied L'Oreal Infallible in the shade Hourglass beige. They both blended well together as they have a similar finish and this helped to brighten my eyes. Next I applied a very faint amount of eyeliner along my upper eyelash line by using my Rimmel Soft kohl in Jet black. I find pencil is less precise than liquid and isn't as harsh when i want the look to be more about my eyeshadow than the liner. I then coated my lashes in my trusty Soap & Glory Thick & fast mascara.
To continue my bronzed look i used Vivo Baked bronzer in shade number 2 along my cheek bones just to slightly darken my face and almost contour. The bronze shimmer on this is a perfect match and i would highly recommend Vivo products if you have never tried any. On my lips MUA Intense kisses lipgloss in shade Kiss and make up. This gloss is non sticky and stays in a place longer than some lipsticks i own! So that's my guest post finished, so thank you for reading and thank you to Megan for allowing me to post on her blog. She's such a lovely, genuine person and I'm really grateful.
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Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Glam Guide || Book Review

DSCN2005 DSCN2006 DSCN2007 DSCN2008 DSCN2010
The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force - £8
If you are alive right now then i'm pretty sure you'l have heard about the whole of the youtube beauty community writing books. I must admit, so far i've bought them all and i've been pleased but not blown away, until now. The Glam Guide is the most beautifully written and illustrated book I have ever read.

I've watched Fleur for years and feel like she's one of the few 'originals' who hasn't sold herself out for fame and fortune. She's stayed true to herself in this book and I personally think she's only included things she's really passionate about. I included a picture of the contents to show they type of chapters you can expect. Each chapter has a mixture of illustrations and real life photography, all of which are stunning. They Day Bag page is my favourite, just like at the detail!

The beauty advice is very detailed and clear, the whole book is just advice and not these are the rules and this is what you must follow. The whole way through she addresses the fact that everyone's skin is different etc which I think is reassuring especially for younger readers.

This is a really good read and even if you don't want any advice or a nosey into the lives of a Youtuber, it would like bloody beautiful on your dressing table!

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