Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2014 Goals || How Did I Do?

Last year I made a page full of all the goals I wanted to achieve in 2014. I was full oh worry and concerns as I was about to embark on my last year at uni and knew that I needed to get a job and get in the 'real world'. Most of my life goals were academically focused and *spoiler alert* I pretty much achieved them all :D! I also made a list of 7 'blog goals' so we shall reflect on these first.

1) To reach between 300 - 400 bloglovin followers
Done, I'm actually on 665 as we speak which is crazy. I haven't been as consistant with my blog for the last three months which is a real shame. I'm hoping to increase my reader level to 700 however by this time next year.
2) To attend a couple of meet up and events
This i've achieved, I've been to around 4/5 blog meets this year and i've made some amazing friends from them. If anyone is considering going to one, please do it!
3) To collaborate with some of my favourite bloggers and friends
This has been semi achieved, I participated in the Hull Bloggers Tag which is kind of like a collaboration but apart from that I would call this unsuccessful.
4) To create a little monthly series that I stick too and not miss out a single month
Another goal I didn't achieve, I did so well and managed to keep my Beauty Battle series going all the way up till August but then I started working and the series was too time consuming to carry on.
5) To meet some of you lovely people who I talk to on Twitter
Achieved, I now class a couple of you as some of my best friends and I love each and every one of you.
6) Get the hang of html, seo and photography
HTML, SEO - no but photography i'm pretty happy with. I love my new camera, it's so easy to use and the quality is good. I love editing my pictures and getting the best out of my photo.
7) Plan time to blog consistently, get to grips with scheduling if need be. 
Again, I did so well with blogging until I got a job and I literally had no spare time. This year i've managed to draft enough posts for one a week until half term (6 weeks, woo) so that should keep student-stylexo a float until I get my social life back.
Life Goals:
1) Graduate from university
Done and dusted! I graduated in July with a 2:1 in BA Primary Teaching. I was overwhelmed with my results and i'm so glad a survived a pretty tough 3 years.
2) Get a job
If you've read the above section then this one is clear. Way back in April I was offered my first teaching post as a year 5 teacher. I started in September (hence the blogging absence) and i've loved every minute of it so far.
3) Become more independent
This one is half and half. Now, I have my own job and car and money I have become slightly more independent however I still live at home with my parents who do everything for me.
4) Save money
Since working i've managed to save some money for the future which i'm really pleased about. I've also gone a little crazy and bought things i've wanted/needed for a while such as a car, TV, laser eye surgery (you can read about my experience here and here) and obviously more makeup.
5) Become more organised
Since becoming a teacher this has definitely been achieved. Looking after a class of 28 is a huge responsibility and i'm the one in charge. I have planners and To-Do list books coming out my ears but it means I stress less and get all my jobs done on time.
6) Conquer the art of contouring
This is another one that is semi achieved, I can do it and it looks alright but can I do it Kim K style? Hell no, I can just about manage to hide those double chins and hamster cheeks but anything more than that and i'm at a loss.
7) Lose weight!! 
Er, no! Surprisingly, I haven't lost any weight this year. I haven't really tried to tbh, each time I think i'll start now there's always too much temptation and I fall of the dieting wagon. Maybe next year ;)

I don't think I did too badly there actually, i'm pretty proud of myself. This year i'm not making goals or resolutions instead i'm going to try and live by a saying: Do what makes you happy. If i live by that I can't go wrong, surely!?



  1. Love this post, congrats on all the ones you achieved! I'm from Hull also and would love to do primary teaching in the future. xx

    1. Thank you hun :)! Oooh, another fellow Hullian. Ever been to a meet up? There's a group of use that have Hull blogger meets quite regularly xx

  2. I love your blog!! I just followed you! I want master the art of contouring as well! I don't know how some girls do it so well!

    1. Aw thank you so much :)! Some girls really pull out off but i'm afraid im not one of them xx


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