Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Boots Haulin'

Nothing beats some Saturday morning shopping in Boots, especially not when you're armed with plenty of vouchers offering x,y and z amount of points! Firstly, an essential. Batisite dry shampoo is needed almost daily, I picked up the XXL Volume one as i'm having my hair cut next week and it'll come in handy for some extra styling.

The Maybelline Super Stay polishes were a purchased inspired by Amelia Liana who raves about these. I picked up Berry Stain and Divine Wine. I need a new black liner and I love these ones by Rimmel, they are so creamy and long lasting. Whilst browsing the Rimmel stand I spotted the Lasting Finish Primer, the matching foundation is my Holy Grail at the moment so i'm hoping I love this just as much.

Finally, I finally managed to find the Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes in my local Boots (I already have two eyebrushes but took me forever to find them). I must admit the marketing and promotion of these in Boots has been terrible. I found the eye brushes on the bottom shelf with no labels/prices etc. When you're prepared to pay £20+ you expect something a little more luxurious. That being said I'm in love with the softness of these brushes, i'm expecting lots of great things about these!


Saturday, 24 January 2015

How Long Is Too Long?

DSCN1974 DSCN1976 DSCN1977

Today I thought i'd quickly address the age old debate that is, how long is acceptable to keep your products? When does a moisturiser, mascara, lipstick become 'too old'? I'm no genius and if you're looking for the Science behind ingredients and their sell by dates then this isn't the answer but I have discovered a handy little hint on how long is too long.

We all have hundreds of products whose ingredients we have read and how to applies have been scanned plenty of times but have you ever paid attention to the little picture of a jar with a number and a capital M on it? No? Well maybe now you should as that little number, that is sometimes so tiny only a magnifying glass can see, corresponds to the number of months (hence the M) that you should keep that specific product for.

This obviously changes with the product, a mascara has a smaller shelf life then a nail polish (FYI you can keep Barry M polishes for a whole 30 months). I'm pretty sure this is only a guide so ladies if that mascara wand is hairy, definitely don't keep using it because you have 2 months left on the sell by date!

Maybe this is clear to everyone and i'm just really stupid but hopefully this might clear up a few grey areas if you aren't aware of sell by dates etc.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hourglass|| The Ultimate Luxury?

Hourglass Veil Foundation and Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light Hourglass Veil Foundation and Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light

I've been blogging for 2 years now so i'm pretty aware of most brands both drug store and high end. I've visited lots of departments stores in lots of cities and spent a hell of a long time in beauty halls however one counter I've never visited or seen for that matter is Hourglass. I've heard so much about their products and drooled over their limited edition blush palettes but I'd never visited a counter... until just after Christmas.
After reading this post by Bryony, I realised that the new John Lewis store in York had an Hourglass counter. After persuading my boyfriend we travelled to York for a day of shopping. Now, the Hourglass counter is small; like really small. There was one girl working; Megan and she was on her own most of the day. She was one of the friendliest MUA's i've ever seen. I asked to try the Ambient Lighting Powder and before I knew it, I was sat in the chair removing my makeup (eek, the shop was sooo busy). She really knew her stuff and answered all my questions, advising me on the best products (not just Hourglass stuff) for my skin.

In the end, she asked me to create two piles with the products she'd used; a love pile and a leave pile. I managed to choose the Veil Fluid Foundation, Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light, the Ambient Blusher Palette and the Eyebrow Pencil. She added the total up and it came to a staggering £162, she left me alone to discuss with the boyfriend as obviously that is a sh*tload of money. She wasn't pushy at all and even suggested I just buy the foundation because of how amazing it looked and leave the powder which I really wanted.

In the end I settled on the foundation and powder, I couldn't leave it behind. I definitely regret not buying the blush palette and i've looked at it every day online since but it's just so expensive. I know i'll be buying the brow pencil as soon as my bank account looks a little healthier. The whole experience was so luxurious, I would highly recommend visiting an Hourglass counter if possible, they really look after you and the products are well worth their price tag!



Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony Hair Piece || Review

Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony in Chocolate Copper Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony in Chocolate Copper Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony in Chocolate Copper Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony in Chocolate Copper Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony in Chocolate Copper

Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony in Chocolate Copper

Hot Hair Long Perfect Pony in Chocolate Copper - £24*
It's no secret that i've been trying to grow my hair for well over a year now. My hair is ridiculously thick but it seems to take forever to grow (it's a pretty decent length now though). I've been wanting some extensions for a while but I could never be bothered with looking and the colour match business and basically I can't be bothered to clip hair in when i first wake up.

Then, I decided instead of getting a full set of clips in why not go for a wrap around pony tail for special occasions. This one from Hot Hair is perfect! I went for the Long Perfect Pony because I think the original Perfect Pony would be too short for me and I wanted something that really stood out, the long version is approximately 14-17" which is perfect. The colour matching was easy, I decided myself from the options and it's a really really good match for my coloured hair (as you can see from the picture). There are 12 shades to choose from and if you aren't sure on which one is for you, you can simply email them a photo of your hair and they will help you decide.

The hair is synthetic so whatever you do, DO NOT USE HEAT ON IT! Synthetic hair is much cheaper then real hair but the quality doesn't reflect that. This hair piece is so soft! It brushes out really easily and stays in good condition whilst it's in your hair. The pony tail comes in a little hair net which is a handy way to store it, this make sure it lasts for as long as possible if you take good care of it.

The application is really easy. First, I straightened my natural hair and put it in a sleek high pony. Then you brush threw the hair pair and attach the comb to your own pony tail, secure this with a couple of bobby pins (you get three with the hair piece). Once it's secure, attach the velcro round and then grab the curly section of hair. Simply wrap this round the top of the pony tail to disguise the comb and you're done. I love the look once the hair is wrapped round the top, it's so practical yet girly.

This is the perfect accessory for anyone who is looking for a little extra length and volume. It's cheap, fuss free and looks really natural in your hair.


Saturday, 10 January 2015

2015 Scrapbook || Project Life

DSCN1938 text DSCN1948 DSCN1949 DSCN1950

If you're a Lily Pebbles fan (if you aren't, why not?) then it's obvious that you would have seen this video about the Project Life Scrap Book Lily started last year. I've now watched the video four times, stalked scrapbooking youtube channels and spent a small fortune on scrapbooking essentials.

I thought i'd blog about my experience as if like me, you're a complete beginner then it's hard deciding what you need and what you don't need. First of all, a trip to Hobbycraft is a definite must (also check ebay and amazon to save some £££). Choose your book, I went for the 12 x 12 Blush edition scrapbook (£19.99) and picked the Page Protecters in Design D for the images (£6.99). I bought some stickers and journal notes to add to some of the pages and left it at that (UPDATE: I've been back twice to pick it more decorative bits and ordered a few bits from Ebay).

After some research I decided to buy some Core Cards as I didn't just want it to be full of photographs. I chose the Celebrate kit (£7.00) and some partial kits from Ebay.This is a good way to save money, the core kits are around £30 and contain 600 cards so there are lots of people selling partial kits for around £6-£8! I then picked up some more letters and washi tape for extra decoration.

To house all the little added decorations, I picked up a £5 storage box from Hobbycraft and filled it up. This is perfect storage for scrapbooking materials as you can keep little scraps of paper etc without fear of them getting lost. I'm aiming to set one day aside a month to complete a page so i'm glad I bought somewhere to keep everything. I might try and do one post a month showing you the page i've completed, if that sounds like something you'd be interested in then let me know.

If you've started a scrap book and are blogging/vlogging about it let me know, i'm obsessed with looking at them!


Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2014 Goals || How Did I Do?

Last year I made a page full of all the goals I wanted to achieve in 2014. I was full oh worry and concerns as I was about to embark on my last year at uni and knew that I needed to get a job and get in the 'real world'. Most of my life goals were academically focused and *spoiler alert* I pretty much achieved them all :D! I also made a list of 7 'blog goals' so we shall reflect on these first.

1) To reach between 300 - 400 bloglovin followers
Done, I'm actually on 665 as we speak which is crazy. I haven't been as consistant with my blog for the last three months which is a real shame. I'm hoping to increase my reader level to 700 however by this time next year.
2) To attend a couple of meet up and events
This i've achieved, I've been to around 4/5 blog meets this year and i've made some amazing friends from them. If anyone is considering going to one, please do it!
3) To collaborate with some of my favourite bloggers and friends
This has been semi achieved, I participated in the Hull Bloggers Tag which is kind of like a collaboration but apart from that I would call this unsuccessful.
4) To create a little monthly series that I stick too and not miss out a single month
Another goal I didn't achieve, I did so well and managed to keep my Beauty Battle series going all the way up till August but then I started working and the series was too time consuming to carry on.
5) To meet some of you lovely people who I talk to on Twitter
Achieved, I now class a couple of you as some of my best friends and I love each and every one of you.
6) Get the hang of html, seo and photography
HTML, SEO - no but photography i'm pretty happy with. I love my new camera, it's so easy to use and the quality is good. I love editing my pictures and getting the best out of my photo.
7) Plan time to blog consistently, get to grips with scheduling if need be. 
Again, I did so well with blogging until I got a job and I literally had no spare time. This year i've managed to draft enough posts for one a week until half term (6 weeks, woo) so that should keep student-stylexo a float until I get my social life back.
Life Goals:
1) Graduate from university
Done and dusted! I graduated in July with a 2:1 in BA Primary Teaching. I was overwhelmed with my results and i'm so glad a survived a pretty tough 3 years.
2) Get a job
If you've read the above section then this one is clear. Way back in April I was offered my first teaching post as a year 5 teacher. I started in September (hence the blogging absence) and i've loved every minute of it so far.
3) Become more independent
This one is half and half. Now, I have my own job and car and money I have become slightly more independent however I still live at home with my parents who do everything for me.
4) Save money
Since working i've managed to save some money for the future which i'm really pleased about. I've also gone a little crazy and bought things i've wanted/needed for a while such as a car, TV, laser eye surgery (you can read about my experience here and here) and obviously more makeup.
5) Become more organised
Since becoming a teacher this has definitely been achieved. Looking after a class of 28 is a huge responsibility and i'm the one in charge. I have planners and To-Do list books coming out my ears but it means I stress less and get all my jobs done on time.
6) Conquer the art of contouring
This is another one that is semi achieved, I can do it and it looks alright but can I do it Kim K style? Hell no, I can just about manage to hide those double chins and hamster cheeks but anything more than that and i'm at a loss.
7) Lose weight!! 
Er, no! Surprisingly, I haven't lost any weight this year. I haven't really tried to tbh, each time I think i'll start now there's always too much temptation and I fall of the dieting wagon. Maybe next year ;)

I don't think I did too badly there actually, i'm pretty proud of myself. This year i'm not making goals or resolutions instead i'm going to try and live by a saying: Do what makes you happy. If i live by that I can't go wrong, surely!?


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Where Are They Now || 2013 Favourites Revisited

This time last year, I was about to embark on my final year as a uni student, poor and penniless. Now, I've been teaching my little class of 9 year olds for 3 months now and getting paid each month! It's funny how life changes so i've decided to reflect on my favourite makeup products from 2013 and see if they've changed (i'm guessing they will have) instead as i'm sure there's enough 2014 favourites to keep you alll going.

2014 Favourites
Lip products
My obsession with lip products has grown so much this year, that's evident in my lip product addict tag so obviously my favourites have changed. I'm still loving MAC lipsticks, my collection is in double fingers now (oops) but i've also loved Charlotte Tilbury and Bourjois' offerings.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo's are still a firm favourite, paired with MAC paint pots. I love them as bases and all over lid shades. I've also developed a small MAC palette which features some of my favourite browny/gold shades think Sable and Woodwinked. For mascara, i've been a bit of a junkie this year. I've liked some, hated some and loved a couple Guerlain Maxi Lash mascara is a winner as is the Soap and Glory range; especially for the price. I'm also controversially a fan of the L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara although it has ran out and I haven't repurchased it.

Primer is all about Benefit i'm afraid, Porefessional is my saviour at the minute (although i'm now trying the Smashbox offering and i'm pretty smitten). Base? MAC studio fix has been one i've turned to throughout the year so I'd definitely say that's still a favourite. I've also been loving Nars Sheer Glow and the Radiant Creamy Concealer does an amazing job.

Instead of doing a monthly favourites, i'm thinking of doing seasonal favourites so Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. What do you think to this idea?

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