Saturday, 13 September 2014

Lush Think Pink Bath Ballistic || Review

Lush Think Pink Bath Ballistic Lush Think Pink Bath Ballistic
Lush Think Pink Bath Ballistic
Hello delicious bath bomb, I've been loving you for such a long time. I'm a big fan of Lush and I always like to try different bath ballistic whenever I go in, I've seen this on instagram a lot so I decided to splurge the whole £2.50 and buy this.

I love the colour and design of this, the colour is super girly and the flowers add a lovely touch. I love that it makes your bath a lovely pink colour and the flowers dissolve into the water too. What I found different with this bath ballistic is that it dissolved much quicker than other bath ballistics I've tried. I was really happy with that because I don't like the thought of getting in the bath with a half fizzy half dissolved bath bomb floating around.

Another lovely addition is that inside the bath ballistic there are blue, pink and purple rice paper hearts; however they are a bit of pain to get rid of once you've finished in the bath. I would definitely recommend this as a gift for your partner or someone you love :)! The scent isn't too in your face, it has hints of vanilla in which adds to the relaxing atmosphere and it doesn't hang around after the water has drained. It also gets bonus points for not leaving any glitter as there is nothing worse then having to scrub glitter from your bath after a relaxing soak.



  1. This is one of my favourite bath bombs! I love the hearts <3 I usually go for this, and the Comforter bubble bar. Makes for the perfect bath


  2. I feel like I need to try this now!
    See what you do to meee!! lol.
    I hope your well I miss you lots :) oxoxo


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