Monday, 1 September 2014

Beauty Battle #08 || Nail Varnish

NYC Nail Varnish, Models Own Hyper Gel and Illamasqua Nail Varnish

Nyc In a New York Minute in Lavender Blossom, £1.79 - Models Own HyperGel in Lilac Sheen, £5Illamasqua Nail Polish in Faux Pas, £14.50

Another Beauty Battle today, can you believe it's the eighth one? I'm coming at you with nail varnishes this time, I've chosen three differently priced products all the same colour ish just to give you an idea of whether you should splurge or save.

First up, the cheapest option is the NYC offering. I can find NYC in my local Superdrug but I know it's quite hard to find for some people however, I would thoroughly recommend you keep an eye out because their nail varnish formula is amazing. This literally lasts on my nails for 5-7 days without chipping and my nails normally chip the same day I apply it. The colour range is amazing, as the name suggests they dry quickly and best of all, they are £1.79. I have lots of colours from this range and honestly I have to see it's my favourite brand for nail polishes, even beating Essie!

Next up is the ever popular Models Own, but this is from their Hyper Gel range. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about the range, some of the shades I love some I don't. This is one I love but unfortunately I find it chips easily on me. I also aren't a big fan of the formula, this takes 2-3 coats to look slightly opaque. I really love the colour though, I just don't like the work that comes with it.

Finally we have the most expensive Nail Polish I own and this comes from the beautiful Charlotte who included this in a box swap we did. The colour is a deep purple and this is pretty much opaque in one coat, I like to do two just to be sure. It also dries slightly matt which is something I really like, you can always add a glossy top coat (seche vite will do the job). This isn't as long lasting as the NYC version but more so then Models Own which is impressive with my nails.

Overall, cheapest wins this month hands down. The price is enough to persuade anyone to try them but honestly you'll love them, definitely need more hype around them. If you cant stray from higher end brands then Illamasqua's offering it pretty darn good, if not a little over priced. Finally, Models Own are a close third, if you change your nail polish regularly then these are for you but if you're in it for the long haul, don't waste you ££.


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  1. If you're a fan of purple nails I blogged about some of my favourites a few months ago. (It's a very early post so please forgive the quality, I'd like to think I've improved since then!) Would love to know what you think.

    Aimee Belle



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