Saturday, 30 August 2014

Quinoderm Anti Bacterial Face Wash || Review

Quinoderm Anti Bacterial Face Wash Quinoderm Anti Bacterial Face Wash DSCN1813
Quinoderm Anti Bacterial Face Wash - £3.45*

It feels like I haven't done a review on my blog in ages, but today im rearing to go with a anti bacterial face wash. First of, the product and i'm more than happy with it. It's a blue, thin liquid when it comes out of the bottle and I just literally rub it in to my face. I use this every morning in the shower and it does a good job of refreshing and cleaning my face. It doesn't have a strong scent which is nice and doesn't overall dry your face out for too long. My face definitely feels "clean and fresh" like it says on the bottle and I also love that it doesn't lather up, my skin just doesn't agree with products that foam.

I've been using this for a month now and on a day to day basis I don't think it provides my skin with any instantly noticeable features but after using it for quite a while I've definitely seen a reduction in the size of my pores, yeyy! They don't seem to be as prominent and noticeable and I've also hardly had any black heads (gross) around my tzone area whilst I've been using this.
I'm really not blown away by the packaging at all, I think it looks quite cheap and I don't think i'd buy this if I saw it amongst other similar products in the price range. The white bottle is fine but the sticker with the branded on is a bit tacky and if you use this in the shower like me, you'll find it comes away quite easily.

Overall, this is a really nice and effective face wash that isn't going to break the bank. Yes, the packaging isn't the nicest but the product actually does deep clean your face, it isn't harsh or chemically so you can use it on a daily basis which does provide benefits to your face in the long term.


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