Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Laser Eye Experience || Part One

I've been a glasses wearer for around 7 ish years, I remember having to wear them when I was in either year 8 or 9 and I've worn them pretty much every day since. I'm a squeamish person so the thought of contact lenses never appealed to me, i'd always been happy with the range of glasses I could afford and thought they suited me quite well. I love Specspost and their range of glasses because they are super cheap yet very fashionable. I worked with them a lot in the past and I have some gorgeous glasses from them (see here) but now I have a job, I decided to take the plunge and have laser eye surgery.

I'm short sighted and although my prescription isn't the worst, at 21 it meant that I had to wear glasses pretty much all day every day. So I booked a consultation with Optical Express after doing some research, my sister had hers done with Optical Express about 2 and a half years ago and she recommended them. I have to admit I was pretty nervous about the whole thing but I really shouldn't have been.

I turned up to my consultation and had some regular eye tests, and then a lot of waiting before going for my thorough eye screening. The optician did the usual test of my prescription to see what strength the laser would need to be and then applied some eye drops to test my pupil and the thickness of the cornea, this was all simple and fuss free. I watched a couple of videos explaining the procedure and the risks etc and then the optician discussed my options. I chose Standard Lasik laser surgery as the healing time is much quicker, however this did mean it was more expensive. Overall, I will be paying £2500 over two years which may seem a ridiculous amount but if I were to swap to contact lenses for the rest of my life it would be a lot more expensive. After all this was discussed I had to book an appointment for the treatment and I managed to get one for Friday, 4 days after my consultation.

Now, that week was pretty nerve wracking. I have to admit, the surgery consumed my every thought, I was so nervous and worried but i'm glad the turn around from the consultation to the surgery was so quick. I had to travel to Meadowhall in Sheffield on Friday morning, ready for my treatment at 12:30. Again, more routine eye tests are carried out and then more waiting, yet again. I was pretty calm in the waiting room as you see people going in and coming out whilst you're waiting which makes you feel better but as it got nearer the more I started to panic.

When my name was called, I met with my surgeon who explained the procedure to me again and really put me at ease. By this point I was extremely nervous but he explained what was going to happen and got a nurse to hold my hand. I was then taken to the surgery room where the nurse administered my eye drops and introduced me to the team. There was around 5 people in the room which again made me feel at ease (you'll understand why if you've seen Final Destination 5). The surgeon told me to look at the clock and that in 10 minutes time it'll all be over...

To Be Continued...


  1. You're really brave (especially after seeing the Final Destination film - that was horrible!) - hope it all went well :)

    Frankie x

    1. Eeek, it was a bit scary after that ha!xx

  2. Ooo, looking forward to part two. I am shortsighted aswell and I keep thinking about getting laser so I don't have to wear glasses or contacts. I hopr you're recovered now.


    1. I would 100% recommend it and hopefully after part 2 you'll book yourself in for a consultation :) xx

  3. Omg I would be blocking out all thoughts of that Final Destination scene on the day! I'm short sighted too, my eyes are 3.5 and their getting worse really quickly, so my optician recommends I do get laser eye surgery in the future. I definitely will, but it is nerve wracking so it's a massive comfort to hear your experience. Can't wait for part two!

    Catherine xx

    1. My right eye was 2.75 so not the worst by any means but I just hated having to wear glasses all the time, hopefully after you've read part 2 on Tuesday you'll decide to book in because it's life changing!xx


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