Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hull Blogger Box Swap - What I Received

Hull Blogger Box Swap Hull Blogger Box Swap DSCN1766 Hull Blogger Box Swap

Ever since the Hull Blogger Meet in March, we've fancied doing a box swap. The lovely Hannah got on to the idea and at the beginning of July, after choosing our theme (personalised) and budget (£20 and then p&p) we were given our chosen 'blogger' and the buying was on. We decided to post our boxes the week beginning the 4th August, mine came pretty quickly so i'm excited to show you what I received.

The box sending was anonymous until we received the boxes so I was really happy that Joanna had got me. I met Joanna at the meet up and we clicked instantly, she's a really lovely girl and obviously knows me very well. The cutest thing was the little card she included which explained a little about each product and why she'd picked it. This was a lovely touch as it showed that she'd thought about each item and obviously did her research.

Firstly, I received a couple of French pharmacy products in the shape of the Nuxe Body Oil which looks really interesting and definitely something i'll be trying soon. I also got the Caudalie Micellar Water, Joanna included this because she'd seen a recent post and knew how much I liked micellar waters. Next up was the Bourjois So Laque nail varnish in Tangerine Fatal which is a lovely corally pink colour. Another makeup item was the Collection Crème Puff in Cotton Candy. I have the nude shade of this and really like it, I always mean to pick some more up and always forget so this is definitely something I was pleased with.

Moving on to some tried and tested Soap and Glory products. Although I have tried these products before I was so happy to receive them because I was running low on both! I love the hand cream and this is the perfect size for my handbag. And the Righteous Butter just makes my skin so smooth, this will be a permanent fixture at my boyfriends I think. Joanna also included some samples too which is fine by me. I love the REN moisturiser but I can't face paying full price for it so this is wonderful and I've heard the L'Occitane conditioning milk is beautiful so I cant wait to try that.

As you can see i'm super pleased with my box, it was such a good idea that worked so well and i'm looking forward to seeing what the other ladies received. If you want to check out Joanna's blog it's Simply Red Head, she is a lovely girl and has a beautiful blog! Thank you Hannah for arranging it, you did a wonderful job and I really hope you liked my box for you ;)



  1. What a lovely collection of things :)

  2. So glad you liked the box lovely! xx

  3. Oooh you got some fab things !! So good you get to try some of the French pharmacy things :).

  4. && nice of Joanna to write all the little things ! Xx


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