Wednesday, 2 July 2014

My Favourite Blue Nail Polishes || Review and Swatches

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Essie Butler Please, Barry M Blueberry, Essie Bikini So Teeny, Models Own Indian Ocean, Barry M Elderberry, Barry M Huckleberry

I'm a nail varnish addict. There, I said it and you know what i'm not ashamed. I love nothing more than painting my nails and making a statement with a colour coordinated outfit and nails. But what I am ashamed of is my collection of blue nail varnishes, I have way to many then necessary but I love them all. I've chosen 6 of my favourites to share with and to prove to myself and you that owning 1000 blue nail varnishes is fine, because on the inside they are all different.

Let's start with the darkest blue Butler Please by Essie, this is a complete winner if you're looking for a polish for your toes. It's so eye catchingly beautiful and bright that it adds excitement to any outfit. I also love the formula of these polishes, they last for such a long time. Moving on to Barry M's Blueberry (I have a slight love affair with Barry M polishes) this was a constant on my nails last summer. It's the perfect mix of bright and pastel blue that is perfect for both Spring and Summer. Again the formula is lovely and long lasting, it takes about 2 coats to get an opaque colour and they apply really well. Back to another Essie favourite, Bikini So Teeny this is more of a lighter blue with silver speckles. I love how this looks blue or lilac depending on the light, meaning it's really versatile. I love the brush that comes with this, it makes the application so easy, your whole nail is covered in one swoop.

Another one of my all time favourite shades is Models Own Indian Ocean. This is an iridescent bluey pink shade, perfect for summer. It really does remind me of the ocean, the colours are beautiful together and I love how interesting this looks on the nails. Back to Barry M and this is my newest shade, Elderberry. This is more of a greyish, taupe blue colour which makes it really different to the other shades. This kind of looks like the love child of Blueberry and Bikini So Teeny. This shade can be worn all year round I think and will look beautiful with a tan, I also think it'll look pretty good on the toes too. Finally, we have Barry M's Huckleberry which is from their pastel range. This takes the most coats to look opaque, I needed three on my nails to get a true reflection of the colour. It's a really pale, pastel blue which can look almost white in some lights. I really love this shade, especially for Spring, when you're just starting to experiment with pastels.

What's your favourite shade of nail polish?


  1. I have Bikini So Teeny and I love it. I like blue but rarely find one that suits my skin tone.
    Rachel xx

    1. Gorgeous isn't it! Aw that's rubbish, I have a slight love affair with lilac to so maybe try that?

  2. love blue shades at the moment, especially pastel. the barry m huckleberry one looks really good, i have the models own and it's great! one of my fave polishes. great post :)
    charl xx

    1. Thanks hun, can't beat Barry M for Nail Polish :) xx


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