Sunday, 29 June 2014

Beauty Battle #06 Micellar Waters

Garnier Micellar Water, Bioderma and B. Pure Micellar Water Review
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - £4.99 B. Pure Micellar Water - £2.47 and Bioderma Micelle Solution(travel size) - £9.99

When it comes to skincare i'm down for trying anything that makes the process quicker and easier. Micellar waters have been on the rise for quite some time now and I've got three to compare and contrast for you today.

First up is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (reviewed in full here). Let's mention the gorgeous packaging and the huge amount of product you get first. For less than a fiver you are getting 400ml of product and trust me you don't need a lot. This is often on offer too meaning you can pick it up for around half the price, especially in Asda or Tesco. This is a brilliant micellar water that really gets rid of your makeup in one easy wipe. I use this on a cotton pad all over my face, leaving my eyes till last. The best thing about this is that it doesn't sting the eye area, it's so gentle and soothing that it feels really nice to apply and it's a great first step in my skin care routine.

Next is the less known B. Pure Micellar Water available at Superdrug, this is currently on offer for half price hence the cheap price. This was the first micellar solution I tried and I have to say I really enjoyed using it at first. Weirdly after a couple of weeks of using this, it started to really sting my eyes to the point were I couldn't use it anymore. I've since given this to my sister and she hasn't found it a problem at all but I know I've read a few reviews which say the same thing. My main reason for using a micellar water is to remove eye make up quickly and easily so if you're like me then this probably isn't for you.

Finally we have the famous Bioderma Micelle Solution. This has been raved about so much since I've been blogging and I completely understand why. It's so simple and effective at taking off makeup, it makes the whole thing quick and fuss free. When i'm wearing minimal makeup I will just use this to cleanse and it really does do the job well. The only down side to this is the £10 price tag and how hard it is to buy. I bought mine from Escentual when they had a third off French Pharamacy brands which made it a little bit cheaper (yeyy)!

All in all I really do love a good micellar water and i'm afraid the more expensive version is pretty special n this case, however I will say that the Garnier version is pretty much identical and a damn site cheaper. So out of all of these I would say save your money and buy the Garnier version but if you're looking for a treat or Bioderma is on offer then definitely pick it up. I'm afraid to say that the B. Pure one didn't do much for me but i'm sure it works for plenty of other people.


Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bakerdays Letterbox Cakes Review

Bakerdays Letterbox Cakes Review Bakerdays Letterbox Cakes Review Bakerdays Letterbox Cakes Review Bakerdays Letterbox Cakes Review Bakerdays Letterbox Cakes Review
Baker Days  One Direction Letterbox Cake - £14.99* 
If there was ever a product for me to review it would be cake. I have the sweetest tooth and love anything which is bad for me. So when Baker Days got in touch with me and asked if i'd like to review one of their Letterbox cakes I instantly jumped at the chance.

The thing that drew me to these (apart from the obvious) was the simple, easy to use website and design process. There are so many designs to choose from it's crazy, you can choose a cake by recipient, occasion or you can simply create your own with a photograph. As you can see I chose the One Direction theme to show you that as well as having a beautifully designed, personal cake there are also general ones if you just fancy a treat.

Now on to the taste! I'm not a huge icing fan but my goodness this is good. It isn't sickly or over powering, it's just the right amount to make the cake perfect. The sponge is so soft and moist (excuse the term, I couldn't think of anything more suitable) and it remains just as good as a write this a fair few days later. Part of that is due to the amazing cake tin it comes in which makes the whole thing seem much more personal and special. This would make the perfect cake for any budding baker. I opted for a classic sponge cake, but you can choose from 5 different flavours including wheat and gluten free!

The letterbox design is an amazing selling point. If the ease of designing and ordering your cake didn't sell it to you then the fact it comes pretty darn quickly and fits through your letterbox surely means it's a winner. I don't know about you but coming home to a cake on your door step is definitely something that can instantly make you happy.

I would thoroughly recommend Baker Days to anyone looking for a cake no matter what the occasion. It's stress free and the cake is top notch quality, i'm definitely looking at buying on for my boyfriend's graduation!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Blogger and Blogs I Love

Bloggers I Love.jpg I'm one for sharing the love, my favourite #bbloggers chats are always the ones focusing on supporting each other and promoting amazing blogs which are slightly less known than others. I've done a couple of posts like this before but today I'm going to focus on the actual bloggers themselves and their blogs rather than just their writing style (FYI their blogs are amazing too). Since attending more meets this year, I've meet the loveliest people and these girls are people I class as my friends.

First up is the gorgeous Charlotte of SurelyChar fame. This girl is one of the first people I spoke to on Twitter and we've been talking nearly everyday since. At first she didn't actually blog (I have no idea why) but now I look forward to her posts every time I see them. I met Char at the Leeds May Meet and she is such a lovely, friendly girl and a little bit of an enabler I must admit! Her makeup collection is stuff dreams are made of, she is genuinely my shopping hero.

Next up is the lovely Aimee, again she is someone who I talk to all the time on Twitter. We can have the funniest conversations that last for days. I met Aimee at the Leeds meet to and the three of us had such a giggle. I know Aimee will always be there for me if I need her, she's so supportive and just all round brilliant.

Alex Alex Alex, she genuinely is the nicest girl ever! I've met Alex a few times and we always have fun when we're together. I love her attitude to life, she just wants to have a good time and you can't help but get sucked in to her positive attitude. I'm also super jealous of her Camera case and all her accessories. I'm so sad she's leaving us for 3 months but I know we'll keep in touch.

Kate is someone I've known since the Hull Bloggers meet in March and again I've met her a few times. The most recent time involved a lot of swearing whilst being raced by a granny on a boiling hot day getting lost in Lincoln. Like Alex, her outlook on life is pretty inspiring. She works damn hard in her job but she never wants to miss an opportunity and always makes the most of it. Unless it involves super steep hills in Lincoln ha!

Charley is another Hull blogger who I've become friends with this year. She is so lovely and is forever putting others before herself. She is crazy busy but loves the challenge of organising meets and blog things and i'm already looking forward to the next one. FYI Charley's youtube is so addictive, I could watch her videos forever.

Finally we have the beautiful Sadia who I've only met once but she really is so sweet and lovely. She is so down to earth and easy going, her personality is infectious. I would love to meet up with her again at other meets because I think we're quite similar. Her blog is literally stunning to, i'm so envious of her blogging style and layout!

Now I challenge you to share the blog love. Blog about you favourite bloggers and/or blogs and spread the love. It feels really good to be positive especially if you're lacking a bit of blog loving like me!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My Top Products For Summer Feet || Review

The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub Review The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub Review
The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub and Soap and Glory Heel Genius Review
The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub - £9 and Soap and Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream - £5.50

When the sun starts shining and the summer clothes come out, so do the dreaded sandals. There is nothing worse then having smooth, tanned legs and then dry, flaky, cracked heels poking out of this seasons hottest gladiator sandals. So today i'm coming at you from the feet upwards, FYI there are no pictures of mine or anybody else's feet in this post.

First up is this peppermint smoothing foot scrub which smells delicious. I've heard so many rave reviews about this and I totally understand why. The consistency of this is quite jelly like, this surprised me at first because I expected it to be like a body scrub which is quite rough. Anyway, I usually scoop out a grape sized amount per foot and gently rub it against my heels and the side of my feet. Depending on the state of your feet obviously depends how hard or soft you need to scrub and how often you do this step. I began with a couple of times a week and now I do this just once a week. The consistency is jelly like but also thick, when you scoop it out you can't really feel the exfoliating particles until you apply it to your feet.

I do this step in the shower, be careful that you rinse the bath/shower out though because things can get a little slippery. Then I towel dry my feet and move on to moisturising. I've been using Heel Genius for so long now, it's such a brilliant foot cream. It's a kind of green colour, with a scent similar to the foot scrub but not as strong. Again, I take a grape sized amount for each foot and massage this is around the heels and toes. I usually take this time to have a little pamper with a quick foot massage and then I quickly slip them into bed socks or slippers for the night.

There is nothing worse then dry, cracked heels and these two products really make such a difference, especially after hiding your feet away for the entire winter. I thoroughly recommend either of these products if your feet just need a little bit of TLC.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Top 5 Products under £10 || Guest Post

Hello everybody, I'm Priya, an avid reader of Megan's blog and today I'll be sharing 5 products for under £10. Of course, you can find me here where I write about beauty products and other bits and bobs.

So first off I'll start with the Kiko Kissable Lip Balm with spf 15, this is around the £5 mark and kiko often do discounts too. The lip balm is so fruity, it feels like butter and it's lightly tinted, it adds colour to lips, moisture and spf at the same time! so I would highly recommend this and I honestly can't get enough of them.

The Soap and Glory Feel Good Factor is another great product, especially when on a budget - I guess I'm being quite cheeky here and including it as under £10 because it's currently on offer but it does retail just a teeny tiny bit above £10. It's pretty much a primer, moisturiser and spf in one, and it does a pretty good job at all of those claims. I find myself using this daily since I've purchased it.

When the sun's out, everyone wants to get that sun kissed glow with highlighters and shimmer-y products which can become quite pricey and also risky as you do run the disco ball risk. The Tony Moly Crystal Light Pink Beam, is a highlighter which you can kind of tell is a dupe for the benefit sun beam /high beam as it does come in two shades. Price wise it's around £5 but you can only get it online since it's a Korean beauty product. But it does a pretty good job at the fine shimmer glow, and I do prefer it to the high beam which I also have. Plus the packaging does look superior to me.

Another Kiko product is the Kiko Glow touch lip & cheek, which is another Kiko bargain in my opinion. Consistency wise it almost mirrors the Kevyn Aucoin creamy glow but it has far more product and is just a fraction of the price. There's a fairly good shade range, which is great. The product is really pigmented and looks lovely on the cheeks and it has no shimmer which I love. You can also use this on the lips, but the shade I have (Wave hibiscus) doesn't look to great on my lips, so it's much better as a cream blush. I highly urge anyone to try this out if they get the chance.

Lastly, is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, I'll keep this one short and sweet - it's a great alternative for the beauty blender. I use it mainly for under eye concealer by pressing the flat side on the eye are and it gives a really even look. It can be used for blusher, foundation, and so much more so if you're looking for something to help you achieve a more flawless finish - this is the one.

Those are the 5 products I've picked, a huge thank you to Megan for letting me feature on her blog.
Priya x

Friday, 13 June 2014

Online Beauty Haul


Oops, I did it again! When it gets to the end of the month and I see I have a few pennies left I automatically head online and check out my favourite beauty sites. As you can see my post man was a pretty busy man but there is nothing better than a beauty delivery on a rainy day.

First of all I headed on to Debenhams, I had a £5 reward on my Debenhams card so I knew that i'd end up buying something. I headed to the mac section to see what was new and instantly added this patent polish lip pencil into my basket. Most of the colours where out of stock but luckily Spontaneous was a shade I really loved so I managed to get this for £9.50 after my £5 reward (RRP:£14.50). Then I popped on to Origins website as I knew I wanted the Ginzing moisturiser. I had a sample of this from when I bought my Origins face mask (hauled here) and knew that I loved it. The lovely Charlotte told me the best place to buy Origins is from them direct because they always have samples and offers and things. It was a good job I did because I managed to bag myself the moisturiser, a travel sized eye cream and a travel size mascara all for £23 which is the price of just the moisturiser on its own.

Lastly, I decided to try Escentual as I knew they had a third of French pharamacy brands. I missed out on this offer last time so I wanted to get in early and make sure I got my hands on the famous Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm. I've heard so much about this but I never wanted to spend £9+ on a lip balm if I didn't like it so I decided to get it now whilst it was £6.33 (the offer is on until the end of June FYI) and try it. Again, I bought the travel size Bioderma for £3 so I could try it before I splashed out £10 on the normal sized bottle. I'm going to be featuring this in one of Beauty Battle posts in the future too.

What's your favourite online beauty shop?

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Mr Nut Case Personalised Phone Case || Review

Mr Nut Case Personalised Phone Case Mr Nut Case Personalised Phone Case Mr Nut Case Personalised Phone Case
Mr Nut Case Personalised Phone Case
Nokia Lumia 820 Personalised Cover - £19.95

A couple of weeks ago I got in touch with the lovely team at Mr Nutcase after I saw on twitter that they were looking for bloggers to work with. This is a brand I've heard so much about and I really love their designs. I planned to collaborate with them a couple of months ago however they didn't have my style of phone. So when I saw that finally they had the Nokia Lumia 820 designs I knew I needed one of their cases.

First up, you obviously pick your phone style you can then choose which kind of design you would like. As mine is a new addition to their range I could only pick an "executive flip style leather" case which can only be printed on one side. I was more than happy with this style as it protects the whole phone, something which is really useful if you're a little clumsy like me! The front side of the phone case is white which is explained to you when you start your design.

Next you pick the main design for your case. There are 19 designs you can choose from ranging from a couple of pictures to 26 in lots of different shapes and sizes. As you can see I went for the spotty design and 6 pictures, which I really love. You can preview your design, swap your pictures around and crop/rotate the images so you can really get the perfect product.

The website is super easy to use, it literally is a case of choosing your style, adding your images and then putting your pictures in the correct space. It took me about 20 minutes until I was super happy with it and then I ordered it. It took about 3-4 days to come which isn't long at all. I was especially happy to see it came in a padded envelope rather than a box which meant it fitted through my letter box, woohoo!

If you're looking for a personalised phone case for yourself or a friend as a gift etc then I thoroughly recommend Mr Nutcase. Everything is simple and fuss free, the prices are really reasonable because the quality of the leather is fantastic and I will definitely be using them again!


Monday, 9 June 2014

My Life In Pictures

Insta update 1
Malteaser cheesecake heaven// The Body Shop seaweed face mask// Sunny selfie// my new love affair with Sam Smith// rocking the 90's scrunchie//

Insta Update 2
My new phone case (post coming soon)// My date night makeup// Online beauty hauling// Goodies from the Leeds May Meet// Sunday treats//

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Top 5 Spring Lipglosses || Review & Swatches

Spring Lipglosses ft Revlon, Maybelline,Topshop, NYX and Tanya Burr
Spring Lipglosses ft Revlon, Maybelline,Topshop, NYX and Tanya Burr Swatches Revlon Colour Burst Lipgloss in Adorned, Maybelline Colour Sensational High Shine Gloss in Cashmere Rose, Topshop Lip Cream in Pout, Nyx Mega Shine lipgloss in Dolly Pink and Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Picnic in the Park

Just recently I've become the biggest lipgloss lover ever, like I mean every time I venture into Boots or Superdrug (dangerous, I know) I cannot leave without buying a new one. Today I thought i'd share with you my current favourites, they are all quite bright and out there but I love a bold lip in Spring.

First up is this beautiful lipgloss by Revlon which is a bright pink with blue undertones. It also has specks of silver glitter running through which leaves the nicest sheen on the lips. I'm a big fan of the Revlon glosses and this is definitely my favourite. It isn't sticky or tacky meaning that you don't have that awkward lipgloss in the hair moment at the first sign of wind. Moving on is another gloss which isn't sticky or tacky and this is from Maybelline. This is probably the sheerest of them all, but still leaves a good gloss of colour without being too much. If i'm going for a no makeup makeup look then this is my go to lip product. This also looks beautiful over the top of orangey, coral lipsticks for that added 'gloss'.

Moving on to another orange colour, however this Topshop Lip Cream is slightly brighter! I'd never tried these before but they are really lovely. They aren't too drying on the lips and turn more into a liquid lipstick than a lipgloss but I thought i'd include it anyway. The colour pay off is insane and it lasts for ages on the lips. Another of the more pigmented, bright shades is this gorgeous NYX mega shine gloss. I saw this in Next and literally couldn't leave it, the colour is b-e-a-u-tiful and it stays on the lips forever. I must admit that this is the stickiest of the 5 lipglosses but it isn't enough to put me off.

Lastly, this beautiful pink shade by the lovely Tanya Burr. I reviewed this here and I have to say I really like it, it's similar to the Maybelline colour sensational in that it's quite sheer but it still packs some colour. You can build it up to get more of a bold look which makes it last so long. The smell of these lipglosses is super nice too, reminds me of Chewits sweets.

What lipglosses are you loving?


Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer || Review

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Review Rimmel Stay Matte Primer Review and Swatch

This is a product that is rarely spoken about in the blogosphere and I have no idea why. I didn't get a lot of hype when it was released, in fact I can't remember seeing a single review about it. I have a lot of love for this product and its drugstore price makes it even more appealing.
Firstly, I like both the primers that Rimmel offer so if you're a fan of the Fix and Perfect primer than chances are you'll love this. I also have slightly oily/combination skin which is why the matte effect suits my skin type. Although I wouldn't say this is too matte so try it out even if you don't have particularly oily skin, especially because of the cheap price.
I take a small blob, a little bigger than the one in the picture and apply it with my fingers to my face, concentrating specifically on my t-zone. It blends really easily, it isn't drying or overly hydrating either but I would say it reacts nicely with my moisturiser. I mentioned this in my post about my face for work and I really think it makes me makeup stay in place for much longer.
It doesn't clog my pores of make my foundation separate like some primers do. I prefer this formula than the silicone style such as Maybelline Baby Skin and Benefit Porefessional it just feels much smoother and lighter on the skin - much better for summer! All of my foundations adhere to this so well and leaves my base flawless.

What's your favourite primer?

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Leeds May Meet - Cake and Shopping!

Leeds May Meet Cake Leeds May Meet ESPA Leeds May Meet ESPA Leeds May Meet Lush Leeds May Meet Lush
Leeds May Meet Cohorted

On Saturday, armed with cake and my camera I headed on down to the station to meet the lovely Charley and Alex before we went on our merry way to Leeds for the Leeds May Meet. I'd met the girls before at an event in Hull back in March (I blogged about it here) so it was nice to catch up again and made the whole thing much easier.

Once in Leeds we met up with Saida, Charlotte and Aimee and headed for Baracoa Luxe Bar which was literally five minutes from the station. Being in a group of 6 before arriving at the venue was so lovely as everyone was really comfortable with each other already and it meant we laughed and talked about lipsticks for at least 5 hours! Once we reached the venue, we headed inside and to the bar (diet cokes all round i'm afraid)! We set the huge amount of cakes and sweet treats out whilst Hayley and the brands were busy setting up.

The brands included ESPA, Lush, Eve Taylor, Cohorted and Uncommon Nonesense. Everyone was really lovely and gave us all the information we needed and give us demonstrations and even a cheeky hand massage from Eve Taylor (it was insane). Myself and Charlotte had an in depth chat with the lovely ESPA woman who gave us a personalised skin test to ensure we got the most out of our gift bags (there will be a whole post on this later). We made bath bombs with Lush which was fun and instantly made me want to run home and get in the bath!

After the event finished, we said our goodbyes and the 6 of us plus our new addition, Katie headed to Leeds Trinity and Harvey Nicohols for a cheeky shopping trip. It didn't last long though because we were weighed down with goody bags so we headed for some food and then caught the train home.

All in all I had such a lovely day, it was so nice to finally meet people I'd spoken to on Twitter for forever and also to meet new blogging friends! I'd like to say a huge thank you to Hayley for organising it, you did an absolutely amazing job and i'm already excited for the next one!

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