Saturday, 1 March 2014

February Beauty Favourites


Another month go and a whole lot of new products i'm loving yet again. All of these are new products (whoops) that i've collected from January and early February, they are all drug store though so I don't feel too guilty.

Tanya Burr Afternoon Tea Lipgloss and Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Let's start with makeup! Firstly, I have been loving Tanya Burr's Lipglosses I have two shades (you can see my review here) but i've been wearing Afternoon Tea the most as it's a simple pinky nude that looks gorgeous over most nude lip colours. I love the smell of these, they remind me of strawberry chewits! Next, is something I featured in my Drug Store Wishlist post and it's the Soap and Glory Kickass Concealer. Everyone beauty blogger and their dog raves about this. I love the two different shades, one for under the eyes and one for redness and blemishes, it's such a handy little travel friendly product. It also comes with a setting powder too which is perfect for under the eyes.

VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray

This isn't a new discovery for me but it is a repurchase, which shows how much I love this. I went nearly a year last year without using heat on my hair but then I received my lovely GHD's for christmas and my Enrapture Totem Styler for Valentines day so i'm afraid my hair has taken a bit of frazzling. I use this every time I blow dry, straighten or curl my hair and it's stopped the ends from splitting and becoming frizzy. I love the Vo5 products and they are super cheap, their always on offer in Boots and Asda so keep an eye out.

Models Own Utopia Nail Varnish and Ebay Flat Top Concealer Brush

Moving on to beauty accessories... So I hate to admit but I'd never owned any Models Own nail polishes before! I know, crazy isn't it? So when I saw that they were offering 50% off I made a little order. 5 polishes later and I think i've found my favourite, EVER! Utopia is a gorgeous gray, lilac colour that is just perfect. I urge anyone to try this and not fall in love, i'm looking forward to trying the other 4 I purchased too. Next is a makeup brush that cost a grand total of...99p! Got to love an Ebay bargain and this is certainly that. I use this for blending in concealer under my eyes and on blemishes, it leaves the nicest finish and never leaves a cakey look. It also washes really well too, i'm definitely going to be ordering a few more for my collection.

Boots Botanics Hydrating Night Cream

Finally another product that I featured in my drug store wishlist post. My night cream was running out and i'd heard so much about this range that I took full advantage of the 2 for £6 offer at Boots. This is the perfect texture for a night cream, creamy and thick but not sticky and oily. The smell is quite herbal but not particularly strong and it doesn't stick around for ages. I use this in conjunction with the Boots Botanics Hydrating Day Cream and I have to say I've found my skin to be brighter and more hydrated which I didn't expect for £3 each. I'm definitely going to be trying more from this range.

What have you been loving this month?


  1. Love the colour of the Models Own nail varnish!

    1. it's absolutely beautiful! I instagramed a picture if you want to see it on :) xx

  2. I would love to get my hands on the Tanya Burr collection! Everything looks so beautiful and I love the quirky, cute names! Also have my eye on that night cream, I've never really bothered with a night cream before, just used regular moisturiser but I think it's high time that changed! I've got the cleanser and toner from that collection and they're great so definitely want to give that a try! xx

    Jade | skinsweet

    1. The names are so adorable aren't they! Do it, honestly my skin is so hydrated now :) xx

  3. thanks for the nice review on your favourite products. I'm actually looking for a concealer too and i might check yours out at the stores next time!
    Check out my new post at LFW designer showrooms and share your thoughts! :)
    AL xx
    RASSP blog


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