Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Gift For Mothers Day ft Daisy by Marc Jacobs Gift Set || Review

Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set Marc Jacobs Daisy Gift Set
Daisy by Marc Jacobs Gift Set - £44.99*
If like me you always struggle with Mother's Day, you need to get yourself on Fragrance Direct asap (after you've read this, obviously!) My mums birthday always falls around Mother's Day meaning that I literally have no idea what to buy her, seeing as Christmas has just been however I'm a firm believer in buying fragrances as a gift. I love receiving perfume as presents as it's so much nicer than splashing out £40+ yourself.
Different perfumes hold different memories for me, I often associate memories with smells. For instance whenever I wear Britney Spears Circus Fantasy I instantly think of being on holiday. What nicer present can you buy for your mum than something which could hold precious memories for years to come and at the same time making her feel special and smelling good. Now let's get on with the scent...
Marc Jacobs Daisy is a scent I've heard so much about but never tried. It was the first scent created by Marc Jacobs and is one of the most popular of his scents. It combines a mix of fruits, such as strawberries and grapefruits alongside vanilla and musks to create a beautiful scent which lingers on the skin all day. Although there is a floral hint to the perfume, it is also very sensual and perfect for both day and night. I'd say Daisy would be perfect for all ages because of the floral yet sexy scent meaning that you can definitely pinch a few squirts after your mum has opened it!
The gift set is also the perfect option for a gift as it adds a little something to an 'ordinary' present. This box features a 50ml bottle of Daisy perfume plus a bottle of 75ml Shower Gel and 75ml Body Lotion which means you get great value for money. Both the shower gel and body lotion have the Daisy scent and they stay on the skin forever! They are super moisturising and really hydrate the skin, something which I don't often find with products from gift sets.

Go on and treat your mum, if she's anything like mine then she thoroughly deserves it!



  1. I love love love this perfume! such a sweet idea for mothers day, I didn't know they did a gift set X

    1. It's so beautiful! I love it, think the gift set is limited edition so get it while you can :) xx


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