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3 Brands 3 Favourites || Tag

My lovely friend Paige created this amazing tag a couple of weeks ago and I've been waiting to post this forever. Basically you choose three brands that you love and then pick three products from them to talk about, you can see Paige's choices here. I've chosen two high end brands and one from the drugstore so hopefully there's something for everyone.

Mac Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle, Mac Lipstick in Shy Girl, Mac Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe Mac

I have a bit of an addiction to eyeshadows at the minute and Mac have the nicest selection of shades and finishes I have ever seen. I could literally spend hours swatching the colours and dreaming of owning them all. At the minute I have one quad and two single shades but that will definitely be changing soon. They have the perfect mixture of brights and neutrals that make it so hard to choose. They blend super easily, making them perfect for creating a smoky eye. At £10 in the pan or £12.50 for packaging, these aren't the cheapest of eyeshadows but they really are worth it.

I bought my very first Mac lipstick almost a year ago and I fell in love, I now have seven in my collection and love them all dearly (you can see my collection here). There is nothing better than getting ready and finishing off your look with a beautiful lipstick that has a gorgeous finish and stays on the lips! I have a variety of finishes and really can't decide which I prefer as they are all so lovely. I decided to buy colours that are different from each other as £15 is a lot of money to spend on lipsticks that look identical. The packaging is pretty darn iconic too, they are instantly recognisable.
Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle
I received this beautiful product for Christmas, we should take a minute to appreciate how pretty it looks... I use this as a highlighter on the cheek bones mainly but I do like to give my face a slight powder with this, especially if i'm going out for the night. The finish is perfect for a highlighter, it isn't too shimmery yet it still gives that 'glow' that really lifts the face. It's a gorgeous pink champagne colour although it isn't obvious on the skin. You literally need a tiny amount, I don't think i'll ever hit pan on this so it really is worth the price.


I'm a big fan of Illamasqua lipsticks, there shade range is beautiful and they look absolutely beautiful on the lips. At £16.50 they are slightly more expensive than Mac lipsticks (RRP: £15) but they are totally worth it. Both the colours I own are super pigmented, even the nude shade Test. The lipsticks have different finishes too, meaning they are perfect for every type of occasion. I have Immodest which is a bright Barbie pink with a matt finish and although it does cling to dry parts, a thick lip balm underneath sorts it right out. I definitely have my eye on the new Glamore collection, so expect a haul post soon.
Whenever I buy high end makeup I always over look blushers. I have tonnes of drug store blushers and only a few higher end however the Illamasqua cream blusher in Rude is so beautiful. It's a gorgeous matt pink shade which blends like a dream. As with the lipstick, the colour is super pigmented and lasts all day, something which never happens with drug store blushers. My next purchase will definitely be the Powder Blusher in Katie, a gorgeous pale pink shade which suits my skin tone perfectly.
Cream Pigment
A purchase enabled by Charlotte, surprise surpise! I decided to buy the Cream Pigment in the shade Hollow as i'd seen so many reviews of it being used as a contour for pale girls. I literally love this, I've struggled so long with finding the right product to contour with and i'm pretty sure this is the one! Again, it's so easy to blend and leaves the nicest 'shadow' under the cheek bone. On a night out I start by applying this and then go over it using the Sleek Contour Kit for extra definition.

DSCN0919 Mua

Undress Your Skin Highlighter
Another powder highlighter? Yes, I do have a problem. However, this one did cost me all of £3. Realistically I could buy 7 of these instead of one Soft & Gentle but where is the fun in that. Anyway, this is a lovely pinky highlight that blends on to the cheek bones and brow bone. This is slightly more shimmery than the Mac one so it makes it perfect for nights out etc. The design is also really lovely too, I love the swirly pattern.
So I know I've featured lipsticks in all of these but I buy lipsticks like there's no tomorrow. The difference with these lipsticks is they are £1, yes you read it correctly £1! The colour range is brilliant and they honestly last for so long. They have both normal finishes which are pretty moisturising and super pigmented as well as a matte range which I am yet to try. These are the perfect items for any lipstick beginner and they should honestly be an essential in any beauty lovers collection.
Nail Varnish
Another £1 bargain from MUA and these come in the form of Essie-esque nail varnishes. The colour range of these is brilliant, they have so many dupes for famous Essie shades but 6 times cheaper. Although they don't last for too long, for £1 I don't really mind. I have so many of them I like to change my nail varnish every other day anyway. The brush is quite big considering the size of the bottle and coats the full nail. The lighter shades also need a few more coats so I tend to save these for pamper nights when I know I have a bit of time to paint them.

What three brands do you love? Do you love any of the same products as me?


  1. I have been looking for the MUA highlighter since it came out! It's always sold out :(
    I love this tag! xx

    1. It is, I got it as soon as it came out and now I can never see it in shops :( xx

  2. This is a fab idea! I'm desperate to try some Illamasqua and I love the two other brands :) x

    p.s; check out my Topshop makeup giveaway!

    1. Girl, get yourself some Illamasqua it is wonderful!xx

  3. This is a great idea for a post!

    I still haven't tried anything by MUA but I am always hearing such good thing, I love the look of the highlighter so I might have to give that a try soon. £3 is just incredible!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. You definitely should, MUA do some brilliant bargains :)!xx

  4. Ah I love this post xx

  5. Mac is amazing. I love their products. I haven't tried the other two mentioned here.
    Bright and Shiny

    1. I love Mac, you need to try the other two brands :)!xx


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