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I've been blogging for just over a year now, whilst studying for a fulll time, practical degree. It's taken me a while to finally get myself into a routine that I'm happy with and that works for both me and my blog. FYI I upload posts every other day at a time thats convenient to me. So today I thought I'd share with you how I blog and how I make blogging work for me. That's not to say these tips are going to work for everyone and I'm certainly not saying this is the 'right' way but I just thought you might like an insight into the workings of studentstylexo...

Firstly, my most important step is to take photos in bulk. This saves me so much time and makes taking pictures super easy. It also makes the photos for the week similar quality as they were taken at the same time. For me, the actual process of taking pictures is the most time consuming. Not only do I take the photos, which means positioning, sorting out lighting etc, I then also transfer them onto my laptop, edit them and then upload them to Flikr before adding them to Blogger. I try and do this early Saturday morning and edit and upload them that day. Not only does this mean it's out of the way, it's also an easy way to keep track of your posts for the week (something I really struggle with). I also love seeing my drafts section fill up, it gives me the motivation to get them finished!

Now that the pictures are uploaded, you're free to write your posts as and when you can. Since Christmas I've had 4 assignments and a dissertation to hand in so finding time to blog is hard. I like to blog using my Kindle whilst I'm watching tv which leaves the day time for uni work. Another tip is writing up posts in the notes section of your IPad whilst you're on the train or commuting and upload them later on.

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Remember, guest posting can be your best friend. Whether you can guest post for someone else or getting someone to guest post for you, you'll be attracting new readers to your blog. These past few months I've handed my blog over to some of my favourite bloggers to keep my posts regular. This is a lovely way of finding new blogs to read whilst easing your work load. I have a super busy  week next week so I've organised for three lovely bloggers to guest post for me!

I also keep a number of 'tag' posts as drafts for those days when I literally don't have time to blog. I love doing tag posts and they are so simple to write up, all you have to do is answers the questions and press publish, simple. This is also a useful tip for times when inspiration is lacking. It's a good idea to keep a few draft posts ready for if that ever happens, some ideas are tags, face of the day, instagram updates and wish list posts.

Have you found a routine that works? Have you used any of these tips yourself?


  1. Great tips, I've not been blogging long at all but really find taking/editing photos so time consuming, especially when you want to get them just right. Editing/taking them in bulk when theres some freetime is a great idea that I can't believe I'd not thought of yet!
    Holly //

    1. That's what I found at the beginning, you want them to look perfect but it takes so long! Honestly, it's saved my life, so much easier xx

  2. Seriously taking photos in bulk helps SO much! I started doing that last month and it's like, blog life-changing lol. Great tips!


  3. i'm a verrry relaxed blogger in that i only post when it suits me, and i get that that may be annoying for my readers but it's the only way that i still enjoy it. i think it's best to just be inspired and only post stuff that you really care about and are really interested in because it shows otherwise!!
    great tips though!

    1. Yeah I agree, that's why I like to write when i'm in the mood and then keep them as drafts for times when I'm not really feeling it :) thanks sweet xx

  4. This is a really good post, it can be a big struggle when trying to write a blog alongside a full time job or university degree! I agree with Eleanor that it is best to only post stuff that you really care about and interested in because then you feel inspired to write even if you have loads on your plate.

    1. Glad you liked it :)! Yep I agree, it's hard to keep things going when you're super busy but if you're not interested then there is not point forcing it. That's why I keep a back up of posts that i've written when I have been inspired xx

  5. Great tips! I haven't been able to find a scheduled routine for my blogging, since I am a student as well. These tips really gave me some insight,

    Thanks a lot!


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