Monday, 20 January 2014

My Music Collection || Guest Post

Hello girls, boys, ladies & gents. Megan has kindly let me take over for todays post (she may live to regret this)... My name is Hayley, I blog over at Tea Party Beauty & I like all things skin care & gin related. On my blog you will find a bunch of different posts but mainly beauty & lifestyle. Today I thought I would mix it up & bring along some music for you all.

I have a new obsession/addiction... Taking screen shots of the music I am listening to on my iPhone. Yes I am that sad. This might be a little boring but it feeds my new addiction so I'm doing it anyway.

I am a horrible judgmental music person. Not for me are the likes of Girls Aloud or 1D, I like music with instruments or at least some credibility (unless I'm drunk then I will dance & sing to anything, I am that shameless) See horrible judgmental music person. I hit random on my music app & Deezer then picked the 1st 5 songs that played from each & here is what we have....

Bromheads Jacket - Poppy Bird
This band are amazing live & I have seen them a few times, this song is especially good live. Go check them out on YouTube my favorite video is of them going into a library & playing live, then been chased out & coming back.

Troumaca - Lady Colour
I saw these for the first time early last year at Live at Leeds & have had them on repeat all summer long. Their music has such a summer vibe too it, not to mention being ridiculously catchy.

Lets Wrestle - The One I Love
The original is a great song as it is, but this cover is awesome, plus the band name & art work is rather chucklesome. 

Dinah Washington - Beggin' Mama Blues
I love me some ol' bluesey jazz type music & Dinah has the most stunning voice, it's like it's dripping with honey & wisdom. 

Santigold - Disparate Youth
Not even the Santander advert can put me off this song & yes Santander, you trying to get down with the youths made me dislike you. A LOT.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Cheated Hearts
I both love & hate this song. I love it as it's a great song (obviously). But it reminds me of always failing to sing it on Rock Band. Karen O I'm not.  

Matisyahu - King Without a Crown
A Jewish rapper that sounds like he is from Jamaica & raps about Judaism too. Amazing. This is all. 

Maverick Sabre - I Need
This guys voice always gets me & stops me in my tracks, then come the lyrics & I am sold. How this guy isn't a massive star amazes me.

Gogol Bordello - American Wedding
Ukrainian Gypsy Punk. What more could you ask for? A song that includes a lyric about marinated Herring? AWESOME. 

The Mexanines - Hold Tight 
Another amazing male voice, but they are from Yorkshire so what do you expect. Everytime this comes on I end up singing (ok screeching) at the top of my voice. 

So girls & boys there we have it, a look into my music collection. Hope you enjoyed it, I would love you to get your music on & comment with the 1st song that comes on... No matter how shameful.

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