Monday, 23 December 2013

Rimmel Space Dust Nail Varnish || Review


Who doesn't love sparkly, glittery nails at Christmas time? These Rimmel Space Dust nail varnishes are the perfect addition to your glitter polish collection. There are 5 shades altogether and I'm definitely going to be buying the other two asap. For only £3.99 they are such a bargain!


I have the shades Total Eclipse (green/black shade), Aurora (pink/champagne shade) and Moon Walking (purple/blue shade) and think they are gorgeous. I particularly like Total Eclipse as I love how the shade changes depending on what light you're in. If I don't decided to try some Christmas nail art, this is definitely the shade i'll be wearing on Christmas day. 


I painted the nail wheel using two coats, Total Eclipse definitely needs two coats as the glitter doesn't show through after just one. However, Aurora and Moon Walking would be fine after one coat. This was also really easy to remove, unlike several other glitter polishes i've tried. It lasted for around 3 days without a top coat which is pretty darn good for my nails.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these nail varnishes. The colour range is gorgeous and perfect for this time of year! I would probably class these as more textured polishes rather than glitter but there is still glitter elements.

Have you tried these before? What is your favourite glitter polish?



  1. These are all such gorgeous shades! Love the texture :) x

  2. Hey! I've tagged you in 'The Liebster Award', I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did! xx

  3. I am obsessseddd with glitter polish and I haven't seen these before! I love the Aurora shade, so pretty and feminine, perfect for the party season!
    Fab review babe!
    H xox

  4. Ooh I've kept looking at these in the shops wondering if I should buy or not! Think I'll have to now, they are super gorgeous! Found your blog from dungarees and donuts blog, gonna have a wee stalk through more of your posts now :P


  5. I love the look of these and have been dying to get my hands on them! xx


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