Sunday, 8 December 2013

I'm A Beauty Blogger Get Me Out Of Here - Part 3

Part three is here already! This means that I'm a Celeb 2013 is coming to and end, tonight! I loved this years line up and i'm happy with either Kian or David winning. Anyway, I shall get on with the final 8 questions.

1) Big congratulations! You won last week’s bush tucker trial. Your reward is the chance to create your own perfume. What ingredients/scents would you choose?
Hmm, I think it would be something similar to the Victoria Secret's scents. Kind of sexy ad sultry but still fun and girly. Something that's perfect for both day time and night time.

2) Around the camp fire you’re all sharing tips. What is the best advice you can give someone to keep your skin healthy?
Find the skin care that works for you not what every body says is good. There are so many 'wonder' products out there but everyones skin is different and you need to find your own 'wonder' items.

3) How do you think your camp mates would describe you?
Err, this is a hard one because i'm quite loud but i'm also a pretty good listener. I enjoy being involved in things and would always be suggesting things to do because I hate being on my own but i'd definitely be respectful of those people who just wanted to be left alone.

4) You’re missing your family and friends so to bring a bit of comfort to the jungle you are given the opportunity to send one twitter message (max 140 characters). Who would you text and what would you say?
Probably my mum and I'd say something like... I miss you and can't wait to see you, hope you're proud of me and send my love to everyone :) xxx

5) You’ve made it to the final two and are awarded the classic three course meal. What would you choose for starter, main and dessert?
My starter would be something garlicy like dough balls or garlic bread. For my main i'm really into veggie burgers and for dessert probably sticky toffee pudding or eton mess i'd say.

6) You’re out of the jungle and the luxury hotel awaits! What will be the first thing you will do?
Get a bath! For sure! I've really gotten in to baths at the minute so i'd hope whoever was meeting me in Australia would have bought some Lush bath bombs and a candle. I'd have a face mask on too :)

7) Now you’re out of the jungle and have all your luxuries back, what would be one product you have lived without and could continue to live without?
It definitely wouldn't be makeup so i'd probably say perfume. I'd have to make sure I had pretty darn good deodorant though.

8) Challenge – you have the choice of setting the challenge. What is your challenge and to whom?
I would challenge Joey to a counting challenge I think. Just for the fun of it really, I think he came across as such a nice boy!

I hope you've enjoyed this little series, a massive thank you to the lovely Rochelle and Natasha for making this tag. You can see part 1 & part 2 here, let me know if you've joined in. 


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  1. Ooh love answers 1, 6 & 8 :-) We would love Kian to win tonight but they're both great guys.

    Big thanks for taking part in the tag Megan; glad you enjoyed it as much as we did :-)

    x Roch & Tash x


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