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Happy 1 Year Blogiversary To Me

You might be able to tell from the title but if not I've been blogging a whole year today! Wow, I can't even tell you where the last year has gone but I do know that blogging has changed me in so many years! I love my little space on the internet where I can write about things which I truly are passionate about. I've spoke to some of the nicest people since I've been blogging, some of which I speak to nearly every day. I couldn't imagine how I would be spending my Saturday's without my little blog! 

Student-stylexo has grown so much in this year, I never thought 10 people would read my blog let alone more than 100. It's amazing that people actually want to read what i'm saying so i'm grateful to every single one of you! You've made this last year one of the best for me, reaching little milestones I set myself is so rewarding and you guys are the ones who help me do that.

To celebrate my one year of blogging I asked some of my favourite bloggers and friends if they would share with us their thoughts on blogging and what impact it has had on their lives. I loved reading their responses and I hope you do to...

Charlotte @surelychar -

Hi! I’m Charlotte and I started my blog Surely Char just over 2 months ago. I read a lot of blogs and have done for ages, and I saw the beauty bloggers chats on Twitter and always wanted to join in! Also, before I buy anything I always search for reviews and they are usually blogs – I think it’s really helpful to see swatches when buying makeup online and I like reading other people’s opinions on products before buying anything new. People were always telling me to find a hobby  but as I have 2 children I can’t go out in the evening (I’m a single parent) and with work and studying for a degree, I didn’t really know what I could do for me that would fit in with my lifestyle. I’ve got a real passion for makeup and skincare so I figured I’d give beauty blogging a try.

Blogging is a big part of my life because I blog as part of my job and I also do the PR for my company, which involves finding bloggers to review our products; so I guess it was only a matter of time before I started my own blog!
I actually do think it’s changed me in the short space of time I’ve been doing it. I feel more confident in myself and I like the feeling of achievement you get from blogging. I suffer from anxiety and depression and I think that blogging is helping a little with that too. Being part of the blogging community means that you feel less alone, there’s always someone with similar interests to you who is happy to talk! I’ve got to know so many nice people and I can’t wait to go to some meet-ups next year. Having my own blog has also helped a lot with my work, I’ve improved my writing style and using Twitter for my blog means I have a better grasp of using social media to promote my business. I’m really glad I started blogging, I just wish I had more time to spend on it!

Laura @Lthornberry -

I'm not really sure where the idea of blogging really started for me if I'm completely honest! I previously had a different blog to start with, that I literally published 2 or 3 posts on, but I just didn't know if blogging was for me, what sort of things I wanted to write about or if I was any good at it, so I decided to delete it after a few months. I was an avid viewer and subscriber of  fashion and beauty Youtube channels, such as Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter, and also found out that they had there own blogs as well, which I quite often read, and I thought that it would be something I would love to do myself. It seems like ages ago now that I created my little space on the internet, the 1st of January to be precise, after so many name changes, header and layout changes, and finally owning my own domain name, I'm pretty happy with how things are going with my blog.

   Nearly a year of blogging under my belt and I have had so many amazing opportunity's already, which is absolutely crazy and I've been pretty lucky by working with a handful of fashion and beauty brands, joining in on a Bloggers Secret Santa, as well as making some amazing friends through blogging and finding other blogs to gain inspiration and ideas from. I never thought that my blog posts would be seen by so many people, and after just 12 months of blogging, I've accumulated just over 800 followers on a combination of social media platforms and nearly 15,000 page views, which is just completely insane! I never thought that me just rambling about things I liked, things I bought, product reviews, OOTD's etc would ever amount to this, and I'm very grateful of all those people who have enjoyed what I post about! It has been definitely a lot of hard work, but I'm very proud of how far my blog has come and I look forward to seeing what the new year has in store for me!

Thanks for having me on your blog! I started blogging (in the beauty world) because I wanted my own space to talk about the things I love, a little place in the internet where I could meet like minded people and discuss things that I'm passionate about. I'm loving it so much, and the people I've met are amazing. I've only had my blog for a short while, but already I can't remember not doing it. I've found that the community is amazing, everyone is so supportive and friendly, it's honestly the best. The best part of my day is chatting with everyone and reading all the new blog posts!

Vicki @alifeofgeekery

Before I blogged I spent a lot of time browsing the web for recipe inspiration, then one day I came across a food blog that just stole my heart. I read that blogs archives from start to finish in a day and decided there and then that I needed to blog. I was already sharing photos of my recipes on facebook and twitter, so this was just an extra little leap and a way to make my own 'recipe file'.

Wind forward 18 months and I'm seeing the fruits of my labour. I'm in Morrison's magazine this month. An episode has just gone live of me cooking with food legend Loyd Grossman. Google 'chilli jam' and I'm there in third place below BBC Good Food and Nigella. It's all a bit bonkers but I wouldn't change it for the world. What on earth did I do before I blogged?!

Blogging has given me more confidence. I'm really learning that hard work pays off. I've built friendships that I expect to last for many, many years. Finally having a creative release has made me so much happier.

Well what made me get into blogging was I was on Maternity leave and started to get bored really easily with having no work and nothing to do. I also had a friend that lived round the corner who loved blogging and it seemed really fun so I thought why not give it a try? So I did, I first started of as paigewallbankxo but wanted a more personal name on there so had a little chat with my boyfriend and he actually came up with Paige's Preferences I loved that along with my idea Paige's beauty hideout. Which is where I blog really, I have a little beauty room upstairs that I could get lost in for hours surrounded by all my favorite things. Nail polishes, Make up, Shoes, Skin care and Jewelry. But stuck with Paige's Preferences as it was more ideal, my preferences on things on my blog. So that's what made me get into it really and have enjoyed it ever since even with fitting it round looking after a baby and now a nearly 1 and a half year old. 

Change wise, it has made me open out my shell a little and realise there are some good people out there! The blogging community is one of the best community's to be apart of! Everyone is so lovely, understanding, helpful and generally great for little chats about anything. I love being apart of the chats on twitter there really a fun way of getting to know people and getting people to notice your blog. I have genuinely found better friends through blogging than in real outside life. Always cheer me up on a bad day. Including meg ;) Also after reading fashion blogs makes me want to tear out my inner creativity and be more unique than stick to the same boring wardrobe staples and jazz things up a little.

But that's my answers  and look forward to hearing everyone elses, thanks meg for letting me be apart of your Anniversary post and a big Happy Anniversary to you :) xxx

I started blogging for more personal reasons. I wanted a place to keep pictures of looks I'd created and the products I used. It's progressed a lot since then to include a lot of reviews as well. But I feel that apart from the obvious (improving my make-up skills over the years) I've become a lot more confident - and better at writing/editing since I started blogging. I even bagged myself a job interview through showing my blog on my CV - I didn't get the job, but it meant a lot to get that far! 

So back to student-stylexo. Next year I hope to attend some events and meet some of you lovely lot and I'll also be having a giveaway in the new year which i'm excited about :)! I can't wait to blog more in 2014 and to be able to balance my blog with hopefully a full time teaching job, eek!



  1. Congratulations Megan!! I can only hope my blog is as great as yours when it comes to the end of my first year :)

    Oh Hey Kayspray!

  2. Awww I loved reading those responses, blogging is so much fun and I've met some wonderful people through doing it. Congratulations and happy blog birthday! xxx

    1. I know, I loved reading the responses! Thank you xo

  3. Congrats! Thank you for sharing this- I love reading what different people's experiences with blogging are like :)
    xxElise -


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