Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Up Your Makeup Bag || Guest Post

If there's one thing every girl needs to do ready for Christmas and New Years Eve, is festive up that make up bag. With a couple of pieces you can turn a regular day's make up into Christmas ready fabulous face!

First things first; glitter. This is the season to sparkle and what better way to start that by with some sparkly numbers! Eyes are the obvious and so here are some of the glittery shadows I love to keep on hand once December strikes.
Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy - I love this so much I have 2 individual pots and 1 in a palette! It's a gorgeous champagne colour but with some mega glitter. I sweep over during the day or build for the evening for an eye catching dramatic look.
I love a good golden glitter too and Barry M's Dazzle Dust in Gold Iridescent is just perfect for a subtle sweep under your bottom lashes or the inner corners of your eyes. It's a creamy white colour that shimmers gold in certain lights, it's so angelic looking!


These are the two shadows that I stick with at this time of year, I tend not to make them too bold because I love a good statement lip - this year I'm all about the deep purples. My favourite two are Kardashian Beauty Honey Sticks in Blackberry Honey (the most delicious tasting lip gloss in the world!) and No7 High Shine Intense Lip Crayon in Sultry Kiss - both are roughly the same shade, last for ages and are mage pigmented! Great for having a lipstick effect but with the moisturisation of a lip gloss/balm.
And now for those cheek bones, the subtle but gorgeous last tough to a Christmassy make up routine. I was taught by a makeup artist that the best way to highlight is to do a 'C' shape from the cheek bone round to brow bone, and if using liquid, dot and blend rather than line. So there's a top little tip from me! As I'm all about budget I'd SO recommend these two - I bought them mysefl last week and have not looked back!
MUA Undress Your Skin highligher - single handledly the most gorgeous looking powder compact, it's a subtle pink pearlescent and glides on so subtly and smoothly.


I also found a Look Beauty liquid highlighter (based on Look magazine, which I ironically just finished working at!) - I've been looking to experiment with the liquid ones. I'd not heard much about it, but read a review that sad it was brilliant, and I have to agree! It retails between £8-£10 depending on where you buy it from (have a look on Super Drug for the sales - it only cost me £4!) and I agree, it's beautiful. It's a more peachy colour, a great middle ground between the pink and golden highlighters and it mixes in well with foundation as well as on top. Definitely worth investing in!


And there we have it! To me investing in a glittery shadow, bold lippy and a good highlighter is all you need to make your face fabulous this Christmas! You could also be daring and using the Barry M Gold Iridescent as a highlighter (but do use sparsely - it's very high pigmented!) for an extra shimmer!
I hope you all enjoyed it, and these are things that I at House of Bargain own myself - and I'm not one for splurging unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, and I think in these cases you don't always have too - who needs Benefit High Beam when you can get MUA highlighter for £3 which is just as good?!
Lots of love and Christmas Wishes,

Anna at House of Bargain @HouseofBargain_


  1. lovely post, i need all of this! xo

  2. Love the look of Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy! I want to try all of these! Josie xxx

    1. I need to try them all too, look amazing!xo

  3. I really want to try Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy! I have heard such great things about it!


    1. i've never seen it before so now I really want it ha xo


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