Monday, 30 December 2013

14 Things in 2014

On twitter I've seen lots of people tweeting about new years resolutions and different posts to bring in the new year. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do a 14 Things in 2014 - 7 blog related and 7 personal things that I hope to achieve by this time next year. 


7 Blog goals -

1) To reach between 300 - 400 bloglovin followers
2) To attend a couple of meet up and events
3) To collaborate with some of my favourite bloggers and friends
4) To create a little monthly series that I stick too and not miss out a single month
5) To meet some of you lovely people who I talk to on Twitter
6) Get the hang of html, seo and photography
7) Plan time to blog consistently, get to grips with scheduling if need me. 


7 Personal goals  -

1) Graduate from university
2) Get a job
3) Become more independent
4) Save money
5) Become more organised
6) Conquer the art of contouring
7) Lose weight!!

I'm going to make this post into a blog page so if you want to keep an eye on my progress you can always look there :)! 
Do you have any goals for 2014?



  1. I love posts like this :) good luck with your goals! x

  2. What lovely goals!! I'm sure you will achieve them!
    My main goal is too have half the deposit for my own home and too loose weight and get healthy :)

    H xox

    1. Thank you, I hope so! Ooh good luck saving. Are you going on a spending ban?xo

  3. Great post, I love this! Best of luck with all your goals x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  4. Such a lovely post for 2014! I'd really like to go on more blogging events and meet ups too! Good luck with University! xx

    1. Thank you, that's one of my main goals :) xo

  5. Awesome goals! Ours are quite similar! Since I just graduated from University myself I ALSO need to find a job.... year of the job search!!! (and once that happens, saving money will be the next thing on the list haha)

    Good luck with your goals & Happy New Years!! :)

    1. oooh, good luck with the job hunting lovely! I'm dreading it haha xo


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