Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My Next Perfume Collection


Everybody loves perfume right? I certainly do but on a student budget my pennies can't quite stretch to the ever popular designer scents like Mark Jacob and Jo Malone. So I've settled for owning lots of cheaper perfumes which smell equally as nice but cost a fraction of the price.

My collection is rather large but I always seem to have a variety of Next perfumes on the go. These perfumes are super cheap and I usually receive these as stocking fillers at Christmas so I thought I would share with you my favourites in time for your Christmas shopping.

This scent is the most 'manliest' of the three but I mean that in a good way, trust me! This is a gorgeous, musky scent that lasts all day. It's the most sophisticated out of the three so I wouldn't buy this for younger girls. The packaging is really simple and elegant, but it's also sturdy enough to leave in your handbag. I definitely hope that this appears in my Christmas presents this year.


Probably the most well known Next perfume is Just Pink. This has made an appearance in my stocking for so many years now. The nice thing about this perfume is that the packaging changes slightly each year, this has to be my favourite so far. This is a floral scent that lingers for so long. It's very sweet and girly but quite sophisticated too. You can also find gift sets of this which makes the perfect Christmas Presents.

Miss N Seduce

Unfortunately I don't think Next still sell this perfume which is a shame as i've nearly ran out but they do have a lot of other scents to choose. The packaging of this is quite young looking, perfect for teenage girls. This smells quite 'sexy' as the name suggests but not to overwhelming. I tend to wear this more at night rather than during the day although that's just my personal preference. 

Have you tried any of the Next perfumes?



  1. Not tried next perfume will have to give them a go love a nice smelling cheaper perfume for handbag emergencies

    Carrieanne x

    1. Yeah, they are perfect for having in your handbag :) xo

  2. Just Pink is gorgeous isn't it! My Mum got it me recently as a surprise present and I was really shocked at just how lovely it smelt! x


    1. Gorgeous isn't it! I have about 3 bottles on the go haha xo

  3. I love the new Just Pink packaging! I've got the one before this one I think and I love the scent. I'll have to get a new one when my current one runs out! x

    Hannah @ Cutes and Fruits

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it! Definitely need to repurchase when it runs out xo

  4. I love Next perfumes! My favourite one is Adore :) x

    1. Oooh I haven't tried that one yet, I'll have a smell next time i'm there :) xo


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