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Q&A With Author Paige Toon

For those of you don't know I love to read. I've been a big fan of the Chick Lit genre since I was around 13. I can read so many different books and authors but one that I always come back to is Paige Toon. I have read all 9 of Paige's books at least once - my favourite, Johnny Be Good has been read at least 5 times!

I saw on Twitter about a week ago that Paige was looking for bloggers to complete a Q&A with before the release of her new ebook Johnny's Girl (7th November) and I jumped at the chance. I would love to write a book in the future, so I took this opportunity to get some tips from Paige herself!

1. Hello Paige, first of all welcome to Studentstylexo! Where did you get the inspiration to begin writing Chick Lit books from?
I've always read chick-lit books and I love watching romantic films - I think you should write what you love, not what you think you should. If you're heart's not in it, readers will see through you.

2. Johnny’s Girl is a kind of follow up to Johnny Be Good and Baby Be Mine, do you think people’s opinions of Johnny might change in this book?
I think people's opinions of Johnny changed in Baby Be Mine - he was such a bad boy in Johnny Be Good and it actually surprised me how many of my readers wanted him and Meg to get together. He was so awful to her! But he comes good in Baby Be Mine, and so Johnny's Girl continues from there. Meg and Johnny are now married with two children. It was lovely writing about them being in love, even if it does all go a bit pear-shaped at one point!

3. How have you adapted your writing style to suit the Young Adults genre?
I haven't! The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson (out 30 Jan) is the story of Johnny's secret 15-year-old daughter Jessie. Johnny's Girl (the ebook short story out 7 Nov) sets this story up but is told from Meg's point of view when she finds out about Jessie. The only difference for me with The Accidental Life... is that Jessie is a younger protagonist, but she's also my naughtiest heroine to date. She was so much fun to write about. I did have to tone down her smoking as the book went on, but really, that was it!

4. Who is your favourite character from all the books you have written?
My answer to this question changes all the time - and that just goes to show how hard I find this one! I love all of my heroines. I usually love the character I'm currently writing (Bronte from next year's Thirteen Weddings) - or the character from the last book of mine I've read (Lily from Pictures of Lily). I really loved writing about Jessie, actually!

5. Which character can you relate to the most?
Probably Lucy from Lucy in the Sky, but mainly because she was torn between two countries - England and Australia - and I feel like that too.

6. Your characters often interlink within your books, do you think it’s important to read them in the order you wrote them in?
I think it's more enjoyable for the reader if you do. It's like we're all in a little club and we recognise the people who pop up. However, it's by no means essential. Each book - with the exception of Baby Be Mine which is a sequel to Johnny Be Good - is a standalone story.

7. What advice would you give to young people who want to start writing?
Do just that: start writing! I wrote a blog about how to write a book!

8. Who is your favourite author?
I love Marian Keyes, but the books I've recently enjoyed most are The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. I love YA sci fi!

I've pre-ordered my copy already! Thanks for the chat Paige, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next!

Who are you favourite authors? 


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