Sunday, 13 October 2013

My Eyebrow Routine

Over the past few months i've developed an unhealthy obsession with eyebrows. They are the first thing I notice about people and I can't help but stare at them. That being said I have a love hate relationship with my own brows. They tend to get very bushy at the front very quickly so defining them is a huge must me for.


I used to fill my eyebrows in with a Rimmel eyebrow pencil or the matte brown shade in the MUA Undress Me Too palette but I decided to change up my eyebrow routine and visited MAC with a quest to find the perfect eyebrow shade. The MAC girl matched me to the shade Wedge which is a gorgeous brown colour. I would never have picked this for myself as it looks so much lighter than my brows but it is the nicest match. I also use an angled brush that I got on Ebay I think to fill them in.


Whilst the lovely Mac girl was filling in my brows, she gave me probably my most favourite beauty tip, ever! As I have dark hair, when my brows grow they are obvious and stand out a mile so the girl told me to apply a concealer with a brush all along the edge of the brow to make them look more defined and neat. Firstly, she filled them in and they looked nice, then she added the concealer and oh my goodness the difference was incredible. It honestly looked like I had had them threaded, waxed, tinted, etc they were perfect. So I instantly ran to Boots and bought Collection Illuminating Concealer and the No7 Precise Eyeliner brush and haven't gone a day without using them.

(sorry for the rubbish picture, i will take a better one soon!)

This is the finished look using Mac Wedge to fill the brows in and then Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer to outline and define the brows. I think this looks so polished and is the perfect technique for those who have 'over-plucked' and have to fill their brows in to create an arched shape.

How do you fill your brows in? Do you use concealer to define?



  1. Great post - I use the mac lingering brow pencil and the new maybelline brow mascara on my brows x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

    1. Thank you, I was torn between the pencil and the eyeshadow so I might have to try it :) xo


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