Sunday, 6 October 2013

Everyday Eye Brushes Cleanser

A month ago you may have seen a little post on Etc Llymlrs about an amazing 'press pump' bottle that she uses for her nail varnish remover. Well I saw that same post and a idea popped in to my head. I went straight to Ebay and bought myself one!

Instead of nail varnish remover, I decided to fill mine with a quarter of baby shampoo and the rest water and use it to daily cleanse my makeup brushes. This is perfect for cleaning eye makeup brushes, especially when you are wearing a lot of colour or know that you'll need your brushes later. Simply lay a cotton pad over the dispenser, press down a couple of times and then dab the brush over the cotton pad, it could not be easier. It does a really good job of cleaning the brushes and makes it a lot easier to do a more deep clean when the time comes.

Would you try this? How do you clean your brushes?


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