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Nspa Beauty Box Review

I've been looking at changing my skin care for so long that I decided I would bite the bullet, do my research and buy some new products. On twitter and several blogs that I read the brand Nspa kept popping up. Nspa is a brand that is sold exclusively in Asda and all I knew before researching them was that they did a kind of 'bath essentials' range which smelt lovely. As I looked more and more into their products I realised that they do 4 sets of products, 1) bathing rituals, 2) beauty rituals, 3) hair rituals and 4) mum to be products. 

The beauty rituals products were exactly what I was looking for and so I headed on my merry way to Asda to get my hands on them. I bought these around 2 weeks and at the time Asda had a 2 for £8 offer on all the Nspa beauty rituals' products or this box of 4 products for £10. Two of the products in here are full size so I decided to get this and get 2 products for £2 so to speak. In the box you receive four products numbered one to four. These represent the order in which you are supposed to use the products which is a brilliant idea for those who are just starting out in skin care and would make a perfect gift. Products 1 & 2 are the two non full size products but they are a pretty decent size to try out whilst 3 & 4 are full size, you also receive a muslin cloth to use during step 2 which is pretty helpful.

I use step 1 & 2 at night time and have found that my skin is looking increasingly better. I even tweeted the other day that I could go out without foundation for the first time in a long time and i'm pretty sure it's down to these two products. I'm going to go and buy two more products to use alongside these at night one is going to be the facial oil (step 3) and i'm also going to by the night cream (step 4). This will then complete my night time skin care routine as I prefer to use step 3 and step 4 from this beauty box in the morning.

 Step One
Step one - cleanse. The product that represents step one in this beauty box is the Melting Cleansing Gel. I was going to buy this product before so the fact that it was in the box made it even better. The consistency of this gel is quite thick when applied to the face which means you don't need a huge amount. I take a grape sized amount on the tips of my fingers, rub my hands together and then apply this to the face in small circular motions. This ensures that the full face is covered with enough product to really cleanse the face. It then instructs you to add water which will turn this into a cleansing milk and then wipe off. I find this has a similar scent to all the products in this range which lingers on the skin for several hours. This specific item has grape seed extracts which gives it a more sweeter scent then perhaps the illuminating beauty balm. This does a really good job of cleansing the skin and removing all of my makeup, even stubborn eye makeup.

Step Two
Step two - exfoliate. I have read so many things about this hot cloth polish, i've seen people referring to it as a 'dupe' for the Liz Earle hot cloth polish although I haven't tried that so I can't comment. You apply this after step one to a dry face, again in small, circular motions. I use around the same size as I would the melting cleansing gel and apply it in the same way. However this product is slightly thicker so you're effectively using more product. I love this product as it makes my skin feel amazing, it gives a really deep cleanse which leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. You then remove this using the muslin cloth provided, soaked in 'hand-hot' water. I think this gives the treatment a real expensive feel as the 'hot cloth' really soothes the skin. The hot cloth polish has extracts of cocoa butter which adds to the scent really nicely. I then follow this up with some night cream to hydrate the skin whilst I sleep.

Products 3 and 4 I use in the morning as I don't particularly they would benefit me to use them at night time. I use my Soap and Glory 3 in 1 cleansing wash beforehand to wake myself up and clean the skin. I usually don't exfoliate the skin in the morning as I never normally have time, although I am looking to buy a nice exfoliator that I can use before using these two. Both of these products are full sized so this box works out a complete bargain.

 Step Three
Step three - treat. The Illuminating Beauty Serum was the one product I didn't know very much about. I saw it on the shelf but never thought to pick it up so it was nice to see this in the beauty box as i'm not sure I would have purchased it before. I use this straight after cleansing my face and apply it in the same way as step 1 & 2. When I first used this my hands were covered in glitter however, this somehow doesn't transfer to the face and has never happened again (weird). This is supposed to give the skin a natural, luminous glow now I must admit I haven't really noticed all that much difference but this does make my skin feel smoother and has also helped  keep my makeup on a little longer. I will continue to use this until it runs out but I would be more interested in trying other the other step 3 products nspa have to offer.

Step Four
Finally step four - moisturise. Basically this is your everyday moisturiser which keeps the face hydrated all day. My favourite thing I like about this is the fact that this moisturiser has spf 15 as this is extremely important in protecting the skin. This is a lovely moisturiser to apply as it is quite thick which I think makes it feel like it's really working. My skin was beginning to get quite dry around the forehead and nose already but this has really cleared those patches up. The scent again lingers on the skin and is quite strong but not unpleasant.

Have you tried any of these products? Have I encouraged you to try any of these?

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